Caught & Social: Forest brings out stars

Untitled 156 224x300 Caught & Social: Forest brings out starsAfter much build-up and pre-publicity (including some in this very column yesterday) In A Forest Dark and Deep opened at the Vaudeville Theatre last night. Former Lost star Matthew Fox is the star attraction in one of the lead roles, and he seemed to attract some stars of his own. Thandie Newton threw on her finest leopard print for the urban jungle of The Strand, while actor Idris Elba proved that he can pull off a cool look even while sporting a moustache and leather-peaked flat cap.


It’s amazing the Battle: Los Angeles actress Michelle Rodriguez even made it to the movies after her childhood. “I wasn’t allowed to watch films as a child – not even the Smurfs or Snow White.” This was down to her family being Jehovah’s Witnesses. “I went to church every day, and I’d go knocking on people’s doors with my grandma trying to save their souls.” This doesn’t mean she was a good girl, however, as “I was expelled from five different grammar schools”. At 17, presumably having run out of schools to go to, she dropped out to work as a film extra. “I knew I had to rebel for the rest of my life.” She also backs herself against her male co-stars: “I am just as capable as any man. I always give 150 per cent in the training.” What next for the Texan? “I’m writing the next Pulp Fiction.” Tarantino, watch your back.

Frost gives Texans direction

Untitled 214 200x300 Caught & Social: Forest brings out starsNick Frost gives a lesson in how to endear yourself to a foreign audience. The actor made a concerted effort to keep up British reputations in the US as he arrived to a screening of his new sci-fi film Paul in Texas wearing a University of Texas Longhorns American Football jersey. The padding, however, was pure British muscle. After a “before party”at the local Shakespeare’s pub, and a screening of the film a the South By Southwest Festival, there was a Q&A with the audience, during which Frost joked to the crowd: “We were at North by Northeast last week and it was s**t.”

Scene & heard

Jeremy Clarkson has lost a fan down under. The Top Gear presenter has been accused of squaring up to a fan in a Melbourne restaurant after he took pictures of Clarkson mid meal. Why he wanted a picture of Clarkson with his mouth full is unclear. Also getting into phonerelated trouble (of the Twitter variety, that is) is 50 Cent. The rapper has raised hackles with his 140- character jokes about the Japanese tsunami. “Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA, Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”Or not “Lol”, if you’re not part of Fiddy’s sycophantic entourage. In no trouble, however, was Liam Gallagher. The retrocoiffed singer was unusually contrite on Sunday as he played with new band Beady Eye in Paris. Ex-band Oasis split in France in 2009, cancelling gigs. “Sorry for letting you down last time,” he said. “Hopefully we can make it up to you.”Part of us is hoping “making it up” means smashing up a bar/tour bus/hotel room.

Untitled 311 300x170 Caught & Social: Forest brings out stars‘Route Irish’eyes are not smiling

We’d always assumed it was an unwritten rule that directors and stars smile when publicising their new films. It seems that the imaginary rulebook was thrown out at the screening of Route Irish, as director Ken Loach and stars Andrea Lowe and Mark Womack put on their gravest faces at the Curzon Mayfair. But it might be coming from a general feeling of seriousness on set – Loach revealed recently that during filming one of the actors was waterboarded on camera.


“I don’t read the reviews… if you’re going to read the good ones, you have to read the bad ones.” Daniel Radcliffe reveals he doesn’t do reviews

“Spice Girls – biggest pile of s**t to hit the planet but what a great PR job. They used the business against itself” Status Quo’s Francis Rossi gives his view on The Spice Girls. Several years too late.

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  • Jay Witness

    Let’s bash JWs
    “I went to church every day, and I’d go knocking on people’s doors with my grandma trying to save their souls.”
    Sounds like another exaggeration like another former Witness “TV personality” who claims she was $25,000 in debt by age 8. Let’s bash the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are on this weeks list.
    To find out what JWs are actually doing, stop by at

  • mightymite

    HUH what’s with the Jehovah’s Witnesses troll spam speak? Is this about Michelle?

  • Mike

    I checked out your pro-JW website- it only publishes positive information about JWs- so if anyone had a complaint or sad story of a JW child who died after an accident due to a blood transfusion being withheld or a home destroyed by JW doctrines that newsworthy story will be blocked. Only those outside the Kingdom Hall know the full scope of WatchTower abuses of it’s membership.

  • J Mason e

    Congratulations to Michelle Rodriguez,

    As a member of the Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and Friends community I think it’s fantastic that she’s been able to accomplish so much, especially considering that the Watchtower Society over Jehovah’s Witnesses is so opposed to the creative arts and instead pushes members to just become pioneers (full-time door knocking preachers). They also discriminate against former JWs whom they not so kindly label “apostates,” but with her go-to-it-ness, I don’t see Michelle letting that get her down either.

    Joe Emerson

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