Ear To The Ground: Exo

Joseph Patterson

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“I make street music, and I’m proud to say it. I’m from the streets, I’m still broken, I still don’t have f**k all, so that’s what I talk about because it’s my life. Just real life street music.” – Exo.

Hailing from Harlesden, Exo has gradually worked his way up the UK rap tree to become one of today’s most in-demand lyricists. When you listen to his well-executed street tales, as he works his calm and collected delivery, you can’t help but not believe every word.

At the age of 14, the rapper decided to put pen to paper and started writing lyrics, but it took another four years for him to take it seriously. Once inspired by the American rap artists of yesteryear, Exo is now trying to inspire himself, as well as others who listen to his music.

“I listened to a lot of Tupac, Snoop Doog and DMX growing up, but right now, I’m just doing me,” he says. “I’m not really inspired by anyone out there right now; I try and be my own inspiration. So Solid did their thing back in the day, they were the ones that everyone looked up to – the big cars, nice videos etc. – but, other than that, it was a straight American hip-hop thing for me.

“I just like real music. I would never want to put myself in a box. I don’t want to be put in just the UK road rap category because I’m a musician, I like to write. I’ve even written songs for indie/rock groups before, so yeah, I just like music in general. If I like a beat, then I’ll work with it. Even when I listen to the radio now, an odd song might come on and I’ll think its banging.”

With his new mixtape, ‘The Waiting Room’, due for release in the summer, Exo is hoping to put his mark on the British urban music scene. “I’m the total package,” he adds. Agreed!

Exo – ‘Power Of The Pound’ (Mixtape) by Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson

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