Is there a link between indie music and Gnosticism?

John Rentoul

gnostic 300x256 Is there a link between indie music and Gnosticism?A rash of Questions to Which the Answer is No. Number 534, above, was asked of Bob Hardy at The Guardian.

Then we have number 535:

Mike Huckabee, a man to watch?

Number 536:

Will Tories’ honesty and new-found oomph be enough?

And number 537:

Could Artifical Intelligence Replace The Human Radio Personality?

Mind you, I’m not sure about that last one.

(Thanks to Benjamin and Graham.)

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  • Ciaran Rehill

    Is Labour a toxic brand after the Blair/Brown reich or can Miliband “pull it off” and get white working class votes? (Or indeed any votes?)

  • airmarshall

    In the words of Solomon Burke, don’t you feel like crying.

  • Ciaran Rehill

    I am just waiting for the double entendres about “Libya gets harder”. He walked right into that, doncha think?

  • postageincluded

    Horrified to discover that there is such a thing as an “Indie Professor”. Civilisation really is at the brink. Presumably the Demiurge is about to call last orders.

  • stonedwolf

    The harder it gets the deeper we will have to go.

  • Patrick Osgood

    “Human Radio Personality” manages to be both a tautology AND a contradiction in terms.

  • petersimplex

    The WMDs will eventually turn up in Iraq – in the words of the incomparable Garnet Mimms, “It’s just a matter of time” . Didn’t King Solomon also compose Mr Rentoul’s theme tune, “Stupidity” , on the brilliant “If you need me” record?

  • earlofbrigand

    I bet the likes of John Rentoul get their facts from the Pearson Group (The Economist and FT).

    Massive humble pie is on the way for his ilk

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