Was all alien life sucked into a black hole after ‘white dwarf hypernova’ star explosion… and could it wipe us out too?

John Rentoul

alamy 300x203 Was all alien life sucked into a black hole after white dwarf hypernova star explosion... and could it wipe us out too?They have twigged at the Daily Mail. Someone up there has finally seen my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No on this blog. So now they are doing it on purpose. Two in one. Numbers 539 and 540.

I should end it here.

But they won’t stop me that easily.

Many thanks to PaulH61.

Picture: Alamy

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  • zandeman

    Well done John. A whole paragraph without a single mention of Tony Blair.

  • Ciaran Rehill

    Alien, suck and dwarf all bring Tony to mind…

  • Paragluteus

    Isn’t this headline racist, sexist, and pornographic too? . How UnPC of you!

  • newsjunkie

    There’s a possibility, we’re told, that an intense burst of gamma rays from outer space could produce nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that will destroy our protective ozone layer, so we’ll then all die from … unfiltered ultraviolet rays.

    I think we’ll all have died from laughing at Daily Mail journalism long before the gamma rays get us…

  • stikinsekt

    Mention those three terms to Tony and he’ll say John springs to mind.

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