Best Placards on the March

John Rentoul

gap 224x300 Best Placards on the MarchEd Miliband has spoken. As if on cue, the anarchists in Oxford Street started scuffling with police the moment he started, so that both the BBC and Sky carried sound of his speech – unwisely comparing the demo to the suffragettes, the civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid campaign – over pictures of troublemakers with black scarves over their faces.

So that went as well for Labour as could have been, and was, predicted.

Still, some of the placards are witty.

“Please Mind the Gap Between the Lib Dems and Their Platform” (Thanks to Stella Creasy.)

“Stand for this Yoda would not” (Stella Creasy again.)

“Does Anyone Else Miss Gordon?” (John Woodcock.)

“Does my society look big in this?” (T-shirt via Ben Hewitt.)

“David, all artists hate you. Except Tracey Emin and you’re welcome to her”

“Let’s shift some god damn paradigms” (both via Laurie Penny.)

“What would Clem do?” (Joshua Peck.)

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  • AlanGiles

    A bit more Ed Miliband bashing Rentoul?. I bet that gives you great pleasure. Imagine the difference in your tone if such things had happened after Darling Tony or Banana Boy had happened.

    For somebody who denies being a closet Tory you certainly don’t miss any opportunity to bash the Labour Party.

    Time you left the closet, duckie and “came out” so to speak

  • petersimplex

    I understand your aversion of anarchists, John, but I feel your ideal form of government is Oligarchy. No problem then with irrational vote casting by assorted scrotes, Daily Mail readers, and people who have omitted to add the letters MA after their name.

  • mightymark

    Alan – time to wise up. “Darling Tony” won more elections with outright majorities than any other Labour Leader. If Ed M is unlikely to win the the loyalest thing a Labour supporter can do is surely to give him a good bashing and get rid of him. His speech today was awful. By the way, why do you think the Tories are so much more successful than Labour – in part because they are more ruthless with their leaders. If David M would be more liklely to win he should be/have been leader – banana or no banana. Lets be clear – if Ed can’t win the closet Tories are likely to be among his defenders – not his detractors.

  • stevefoley

    “Does my society look big in this?” Now THAT I like! If they start doing this in a T Shirt for sale I will buy one. Perhaps it would be even better printed on a pair of Underpants or Knickers

  • AlanGiles

    Rentoul has just never been able to get over the fact that D Miliband lost – hence his girly delight every time something goes wrong for Ed. Blair managed to lose 99 seats overnight in 2005 partly because people – both within Labour and without – had wised up to him. His day was done, and sadly for Rentoul he just can’t accept the fact Blairism is as dead as the dodo

    Blair was a Tory in all but name, that appeals strongly to Rentoul.

    As for David Miliband – a Blair retread, well if Labour supporters were sick of the original I doubt they would have been any happier with a cheap copy

  • mightymark

    Blair won the 2005 election with one of the largest majorities ever achievd by Labour – having actually won the largest ever majority for Labour in 1997 – despite its being a third term election. The people with something to “get over” are those whose prejudice against Blair blinds them to his electoral success and that of the New Labour brand.

  • stevefoley

    Blair certainly did very well for Labour although the 2005 Election marked the turning of the tide as their then Leader Michael Howard made the Tories electable again and cut the labour majority down significantly whereas Hagiue only made a net gain of one seat in 2001.

    Blair’s smartness was that, unlike Thatcher he came off when he was winning, 10 years after his landslide victory and didn’t go on and one as she did until she ran out of steam and went a policy too far with the hated Poll Tax which was to bring her down.

    National emergencies such as wars apart, I feel that 10 years, two fixed parliaments, is sufficient for any one person to be PM, even if their party remains in office as Labour did till May 2010 after Blair left the scene.

  • Richard_SM

    Also seen:

    “National Health SERVICE
    National Health LIMITED”

  • indiatours1

    Great Job

  • loobyloo

    There was the little girl carrying one which said “I was told there would be biscuits”.

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