British action in Libya (still) unpopular

John Rentoul

libya3 300x168 British action in Libya (still) unpopularI thought the difference between ComRes, showing public opinion against British military action in Libya, and YouGov, showing support, was down to timing. ComRes’s survey for ITV News was carried out just before and just after the planes went in on 19 March. YouGov’s surveys have been carried out wholly afterwards.

But ComRes continued (on Friday) to report that more people were against than for, while YouGov continued (yesterday) to report the opposite. Now there is a new ComRes poll in tomorrow’s Independent:

By a margin of 47 to 43 per cent, people do not believe the Government was right to commit British forces to action in Libya.

That is quite surprising, given that all three main parties support this intervention, and our armed forces are currently engaged.

Photograph: BBC

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  • greenectoplasm

    Perhaps the three main parties are out of touch with real life. John Simpson & Co are not getting the message across because we can all see through it. We’re not stupid and we can all see that we are sponsoring one side in a civil war with the goal of regime change. What’s the chance of us doing this in Saudi Arabia?

  • BigJim1

    The majority of people can see through Cameron and see that the intervention was a double pronged one from his point of view – a) To take the public pressure off his disastrous domestic policies, his compatriot in this, Sarkozy, is also in deep problems domestically – any link?
    b) Self-aggrandisment.
    He will milk the conference in London today for all that it is worth whilst Britain is being pushed in to a third world country by his policies.

  • bugedone

    Could it possibly be that the self same politicians who have spent the last year – 18 months telling us we can’t afford libraries and lollypop ladies have now miraculously found enough spare change for missiles and bombing sorties?

    Cynicism breeds cynicism.

  • Richard_SM

    Has there been a poll/study which shows how much interest people take in foreign affairs?

    Most people didn’t seem to appreciate the significance of the decision by the Arab League on Saturday 12th nor the significance of the UNSC resolution under discussion in the days that followed. The media were slow as well, I thought. When military action started, it seemed to take many people by surprise. Against a background of Afghanistan, Iraq and spending cuts, a reflex opposition to another military engagement is to be expected.

  • BlairSupporter

    Once more I agree with you Richard. It seemed to catch everyone by surprise.

    This is getting to be a worryng habit. Agreeing, I mean. Not going into conflict.

  • BlairSupporter

    @ bugedone – that’s true too!

  • BlairSupporter

    @ BigJim1 – that’s (probably) true too!

  • BlairSupporter

    @ greenestoplasm,

    Absolutely true.

    (Aside to JR: there’s something wrong with your system here, John. I’m actually agreeing with a lot of your commenters. HELP!)

  • porkfright

    What it really shows, Mr. Rentoul, is that our useless inbred Oxbridge politicians are almost as far away from the people as Marie Antoinette was !

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