“Obama is Awesome”: the transcript

John Rentoul

obama1 300x218 Obama is Awesome: the transcriptCan’t seem to update my blog on the “Obama is Awesome” video without losing the embed code.

One of my friends, who took a reasonable view in opposition to British participation in the Iraq invasion, didn’t appreciate it. “A crude caricature of a small portion of the anti-war majority in the US, mixed with some of the nonsensical right-wing criticism of Obama.”

True, but I have a crude sense of humour. And I am grateful to Blair Supporter for transcribing the dialogue, which I reproduce here:

Obama is awesome. He is bombing the crap out of that evil dictator in Libya.

So you supported Bush when he went into Iraq, right?

Bush is an idiot.  Iraq never attacked us and there were no WMDs.

Can’t the same be said of Libya?

I don’t care. Obama is awesome.

Do you realise Gaddafi gave up his nukes only after watching Iraq go down?

I don’t care.

So this dictator Gaddafi is a pretty evil dude, right?

For sure. He is killing his own people and they have no freedom or rights.

Didn’t the Iraqi dictator kill his people and deny them freedom and rights?

I don’t care.  Bush is a buffoon.

So, are you upset that Obama didn’t negotiate and just jumped into war?

No. What part of ‘dictator’ do you not understand? You cannot reason with these people.

Did you feel the same way about Bush and Saddam Hussein?

No. Bush rushed into war. Obama thinks before he acts.

My labradoodle  spends more time deliberating where to lie down than Obama spent on bombing Libya. Did you know Bush got a congressional resolution for Iraq and made the case for a full year and a half after 9/11?

I don’t care. Obama is awesome. Besides the UN is in charge this time and the US is not alone.

Did you know there were 17 UN resolutions on Iraq? Do you know the Iraq coalition was twice as big as this Libya gang? Do you realise you are  making Charlie Sheen seem rational?


Indeed.  So, Bush went to war in Iraq for oil. Right?

Yes, Bush attacked Iraq over oil. He is a stupid fratboy.

Did you know Libya has a ton of oil which almost exclusively goes to Europe and that they desperately want to keep the oil flowing? Do you realise that this actually is a war for oil, only the oil is for the Italians, French, Germans, Spanish and other Europeans?

Now you’re just talking nonsense. Those Europeans have windmills. They don’t need oil.

I see. Does it concern you that this war is unpaid for? That instead of the leader of the free world you’ve got a patsy for the Arab League and the UN?  Are you concerned that your president is spending more time golfing, vacationing and watching college basketball than conferring with his generals?

I don’t care. Obama is cool and awesome. His bracket picks were outstanding too.

Indeed. So, you must be pretty upset that innocent Libyans are dying from your bombs?

No, that’s just the unfortunate part of unseating an evil dictator.

So you thought it was OK for Iraqis to die when you bombed there?

No, Bush is a baby killer. Bush lied, people died. Halliburton.

But didn’t Obama say he’d negotiate with any deranged dictator before attacking? Didn’t he say pre-emption was wrong and he’d never do it?  Did he not lie?

Obama is only human. He can be wrong without lying, you know.

If you renege on a promise, is that not a lie?

I don’t care. Cheney, neo-cons, Halliburton, Coke Brothers and Fox news.

Bush never said he saw WMD in Iraq only that he believed they were there. So he was wrong, but not a liar. Right?

No, Bush lied. I saw it on the news.

Really. What news shows do you watch?

I watch SNL, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

You do know that those are comedy shows, right?

They are very funny, now that you mention it.

So Obama is killing civilians in a pre-emptive, unfunded, undeclared war for oil promoted by the dictators of the Arab League along with the UN, in support of some unidentified rebels who he’s never met with, and you are fine with all that?

Remind me again what it is about Obama that makes him so awesome.

He is a man of peace.  Did you know he even got the Nobel peace prize? Just like Morgan Freeman.

Oh God.

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  • Charles Barry

    Really? So you’d let millions be genocided in Benghazi and Abjadya just because we haven’t used military force against Mugabe?

  • JohnJustice

    Great parody of the left position on Iraq and Libya. Even better than the other one.

  • BlairSupporter

    @ tjd90 – quote:


    And it shows. Just as well the Independent is independent enough to have ONE journalist who tells us the other side of the story.

  • BlairSupporter


  • newfriendofed

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet that the Libyan response is a response to what is happening right now. The Iraq response was a response to things that had happened before. That is why many thought Bush Junior was looking for a pretext to invade, thereby doing what Bush Senior had not done. I don’t think anyone has suggested Obama, Cameron (let’s be fair), and Sarkozy needed to look for a pretext.

  • BlairSupporter

    We’ll see in time how right you are on how long this Libya conflict lasts. And on how right you are about the rest of your points.

    Btw, I have tried out this video thingy, if you’re interested. At my blog – keeptonyblair. Busy right now, but in a couple of days I may have something to ‘produce’ about the integrity of the Libya campaign. Might even make another video. Cameras – Action – Roll!! Mr Polanski look out.

  • petersimplex

    Come on, there was a shopping list of countries to invade post 2001. Go and read all the released documents from the Iraq Inquiry. Notice all the sudden blanking out of the text when a list of countries is about to follow Iraq. I guess Libya was buried under there along with all the other usual suspects – North Korea, Iran…. Different country, different pretext. As sure as night follows day, Iran is now at the top of the list.

  • tjb90

    I would like a consistent foreign policy. Why is it that we are only interested in stopping genocide in oil rich nations?

  • tjb90

    Whats even more scary is people want George Bush back in the White House

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