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Each week, I’ll be posting an update on developments in the field of digital publishing, particularly from a newspaper perspective, and mentioning developments from The Independent digital team.

New York, New York

Once more, the media holds its breath to see how another experiment in getting people to pay for news comes off. Viewpoints on the New York Times $40m metered paywall (20 article free a month, then $15) have ranged from practised criticism to satire to solemn respect. The Times, meanwhile have just announced they have 79,000 cross-platform digital subscribers, up 20k on November

Criticism: Emily Bell - New York Times paywall: built for the digital future?

Satire: NYTimes Plan To Charge People Money For Consuming Goods, Called Bold Business Move

And from the archives but well worth a read: A secret plan to save the New York Times and journalism itself

The Guardian on live blogging

So far this month 9 per cent of the Guardian’s total unique users (3.6m) have come from liveblogging. Closer to home, our Budget liveblog (powered by Scribble Live) pulled in record Google News referrals and contributed to the biggest Wednesday we’ve ever had (or thereabouts). Matt Wells‘ account of The Guardian’s use of liveblogging is worth a read and ties in with a great piece from the Economist at SXSWi on rethinking the whole concept of articles being the primary unit of journalism in light of new live coverage options

Is print over? (yes)

From the radical end of the digital-print argument spectrum, Journal Register Company (27 US papers) CEO John Paton’s ten ‘tweets to newspaper executives’ have been described as a new 10 commandments of news. Sample tweet: “Stop listening to print people and put the digital people in charge – of everything”. As a digital person myself, I could hardly agree more

Social media and the frontline

Matthew Eltringham of the BBC has written a fascinating and sensitive analysis of the ethical and stylistic implications of sources (and social media specifically) in conflict areas, at

The Americans are coming

Wildly successful internet newspaper The Huffington Post has apparently seen a gap in the market in the UK and is planning to bulk up on AOL’s existing 100 UK journos for the launch of HuffPo UK this summer (elsewhere, the question of the moral dissonance involved in a $300m site refusing to pay its employees is voiced eloquently at

And in home news…

Our mobile apps, for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phone, are out today - will take you to them with download links. We’re getting a great reception to their release (partially an indictment on our previous offerings, perhaps), but let us know what you think of them whichever you download and whatever you think.

Our commenting platform Disqus recently announced support for Google Accounts login, using OpenID + OpenAuth, which we’ve now enabled on the site. So if you’re a Gmail user, or have any other Google account, you can now just click the little Google option in the comments box, authorise Disqus to use your account (first time only) and from then it’ll be one-click to let you in.

What do you think? Are there any features you think is desperately missing? Let us know in the comments, or contact me at @_JackRiley or j.riley (at)

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