Caught & Social: Handle with gloves

cs1 254x300 Caught & Social: Handle with glovesWhile he usually cuts a more dapper figure these days, Sir Elton John showed that the fancy-dress box wasn’t completely shut as he hosted comedy show Saturday Night Live, playing a number of different characters. And in an opening monologue, he joked about his recent fatherhood. “So far, the baby really takes after me: he screams and cries when he doesn’t get his way, and he’s had his ups and downs with the bottle,” he said, before adding: “The baby has had some feeding difficulties – he is rejecting the breast. In that way, he takes after both of his fathers.”

Green goo and a gong for Depp

cs2 240x300 Caught & Social: Handle with glovesIn the US they call it slime, while over here it’s gunge. Either way, the first few rows at the Kids’ Choice Awards in LA took a shower in the stuff on Saturday night, courtesy of Johnny Depp. The actor, dressed in his finest street-urchin attire (presumably to blend in with the youth), then walked off with the Favourite Movie Actor award. The show also seemed to want to reward those usually overlooked by the more mainstream award ceremonies, which can be the only explanation for Eddie Murphy picking up a gong and Miley Cyrus winning the Best Movie Actress award.

Scene & heard

Kate Winslet recently declared that she will be nude no more (on screen at least). So, news that a topless sketch of her which was used in Titanic (if you were able to watch through the tears, it was drawn by Leo DiCaprio’s character), was to go on sale, caused a stir among collectors. With a pre-sale estimate of up to £10,000, the work was sold at a Hollywood auction on Saturday night.

But, like Kate, auctioneers weren’t prepared to reveal the figure.

Dappy from UK chart act N-Dubz lost a similar sum when he had a £10,000 chain stolen in a London restaurant on Friday. On twitter yesterday, the group wrote: “Jus so u know!! Dappy got all his jewels bak!! Big man ting! No snitching! Lmao!” We assume that’s good news? ”

Our relationship has been strong and it’s going to get stronger,” says divorced Tiger Woods. Who could he be talking about? His ex-wife, perhaps? His mum, maybe? No, just video games developer EA, which was one of the few sponsors who stuck by him after his extramarital roamings.

A royal welcome for Franco

cs3 300x210 Caught & Social: Handle with glovesThe very fact James Franco deleted his Twitter account was big news for celebrity websites this weekend. So the fact that he was mobbed by thousands of fans at the premiere of new film Your Highness shouldn’t be a surprise. The co-host of this year’s Oscars was pretty upbeat about the new slapstick comedy. “If Kubrik had made a movie after his last one, this would be it,” he quipped.


Snoop Dogg has said he turned down the chance to be a judge on The X-Factor. “They asked me to do that, but I don”t think that’’s for me, he said. But fans needn’t worry, as equally big names Lily Allen and, er, Gary Barlow are in talks to judge the new show, says The Mail on Sunday. The News of the World says that Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh are being lined up for the chop. In cheerier reality news, a very happy 50th birthday to Susan Boyle. The singer celebrated with a party in Scotland on Friday, to which Simon Cowell sent a £20,000 gold Cartier necklace, says People. The Sunday Mirror says she’s also celebrating the end of a family feud after her two business managers quit. The singer was given £300 a week and not allowed a credit card. Might be time to pawn that new necklace…


“I decorated my house like a medieval gothic castle; chandeliers, red velvet curtains. My bedroom is pink and black.” Avril Lavigne talks interior design to ‘Rolling Stone.

“Sometimes I read theories about my work and think: ‘Was I thinking that when I took that shot? I’m smart!’” Photographer David Bailey on criticism of his work.

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  • Federico Valenzuela

    As a Hispanic, CHOLO, GANGSTER, and follower of the LOWRIDER culture, I wish Snoop Dogg did not turn down Simon Cowell’s offer to be a judge on the X-Factor! As a person in the authority role, Snoop Dogg could influence millions of viewers by being an advocate of Hip-Hop music in a positive way! Actually being a judge isn’t easy because YOU don’t want to hurt a person’s feelings if THEY have no talent! As someone in the Hip-Hop and LOWRIDER culture I believe Snoop Dogg should go with his feelings and do what is best for HIS interest and family!!!

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