Barometer: Younger Brother album exclusive

John Hall

We’re loving Younger Brother here at the Barometer – which is why we’re particularly pleased to be kicking off The Independent’s brand new music blog by exclusively hosting their third album ‘Vaccine’ for a full week before its official release. Younger Brother’s melancholic music is at once dark, dreamy and intelligent, taking influence from Kid A-era Radiohead, the more commercial end of Aphex Twin’s repertoire and the bucolic charm of folkies Fairport Convention and Nick Drake. We’re sure this will be the first of many album/track exclusives on The Barometer, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy Younger Brother.

Let us know what you think of the album in the comments section below.

Younger Brother’s third album ‘Vaccine’ is released on Monday 11th April through Twisted Records.

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  •økkegaard/741789387 Maja Lund Løkkegaard

    It is an amazing album. I can´t describe but I feel a real connection to the music and to the band -sounds a bit freaky, but that is what I feel when I listen to their music. Been to their concerts in UK and they probably gave me one of the peak experiences of my life in Roundhouse this year. I love their old stuff and I love the new album. Love the psy rock turn. Amazing sound scapes, amazing drumming!!!, and beautiful vocals. I listen to Radiohead, Shpongle and also Pink Floyd, which I think myself is a pretty hard bias when listening to new music, but YB is right up there.
    I understand that some fans get disappointed when initally listening to the album if they are expecting an extension of Gravity or Bleeps -expectation can be blinding. But after their disappointment I hope that they will pick up the album again and listen to it without preconditions. I think the album might set a new standard for electronic music. I actually think YB over time might set a new standard for music in general.
    If you ever get the chance, watch them live… You won´t be the same person after the concert, and your idea of what music is and how it can affect you as a person is very likely to be altered as well.

  • Sephira

    Thank You!!!!

    Please continue ;o)

  • Sephira

    Well Done guys, your skills are, once again, ineffable

  • David Kellar

    The balance between vocals, instruments, little sounds and effects is impeccable. What Brian Eno, William Orbit and BT have started has grown even further with Vaccine.

  • 3lix13

    …pleasantly not what i expected… each time i listen to the album it seems to be germinating in a way such that albums do when they have the potential to become the soundtrack for this period in life… an album that bookmarks the contents of moments without any definition other than it stirs the soul with a reflection… truly a sublime & profound musical exploration that will in the days to come further unfold revealing an even deeper beauty… i’m quite pleased to have awaited this release…

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