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17 years ago today Kurt Cobain took his own life in a suicide that shook not just the music world, but pop culture in general. All this time on, there’s very little to say about Cobain, or indeed Nirvana that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before but, such is his continuing influence, we couldn’t let the day pass without a mention.

Cobain would have hated the slushy, artificial tributes to his ‘genius’ and he’d certainly have detested the massive industry that has been built around his memory, but there can be no denying that 17 years on his loss is still deeply felt in a music world that is now, more than ever, missing an intelligent, outspoken, controversial and charismatic star with a guitar. Whatever happened to our rock’n’roll?

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  • Joe Tisor

    RIP Kurt Cobain, your music and soul will always live on.

  • Stu Johnson

    its true, there hasn’t been a true rock star since, Kurt was the last of the greats

  • orphan57

    Kurt Cobain was one-of-a-kind and an extremely talented, intelligent, sensitive person.
    It seems that he knew how it was going to end – he certainly gave enough hints of this.
    The fact that people are just now discovering who he was and what his music was is testament that he was indeed a super-star. I still love listening to his songs to this day.
    Never tire of them. Just something about his lyrics that reveal much about his views
    and outlook that ring so true to this day. RIP dear Kurt, you are as you wished, always 27.

  • Monica456

    I haven’t heard about lilies!

  • Guest

    We remember Kurt Cobain, though he isn’t with us! I saw the nirvana accoustic concert, I downloaded it from it was amazing, the flowers that decorated the stage set an omnious tone. White lilies are for funerals, I read somewhere Cobain reguested them.

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