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spring 200x300 Online House Hunter: Preparing for a sale

Spring clean your home ready for a sale

IF you missed it, take a look at the article, How To Give A Home Real Kerb Appeal, that appeared in The Independent on April 1. It contained some terrific advice on selling your home.

I was particularly struck by designer Abigail Hall’s tip on dressing your home for the buyer rather than yourself. She said: “Even if you don’t have children but your property is near a good school, that is your target market. I have bought boxes of crayons and toys and left them in the corner of a flat to show that there was room for a play space.”

My partner and I don’t have children but when we last sold our house we didn’t think to consider that we lived in a property suitable for a young family and near to a school becoming increasingly popular. Why not check out the local schools in advance (see links below) and leave print-outs in a pack for potential buyers?

With many older people looking to downsize, your home could be the perfect place for them – with a few changes. AgeUK has some good advice on adapting homes for easier use and they would make your home more appealing for the not-so-old as well as the elderly. A door-entry intercom, increasing natural light, smoke alarms, easy-to-use door handles and taps are good news for all potential home-buyers not just the elderly. Many new homes introduce such trappings as standard.

You may use the car all the time but your potential buyers might be looking for a place with good access to public transport. Transportdirect will help you highlight to them the proximity of bus stops, train stations, car shares or even Boris’s bikes. And include the web address in the information pack on your home and they can work out the best route to and from work or school.

Most buyers will feel better about buying a home with a history but even if you’ve researched it, are you ’selling’ that history to potential buyers. We discovered our former Victorian terrace had once been a police house – it lent itself to a theme for the design of the house and a talking point with those thinking of buying it from us. Your local record office (run by the county council) will aid you in the research of your home but The National Archives has some good introductory advice.

Finally, sorting out dripping taps and clutter is easy enough but consider some investment in your home (some suggest one or two percent of the asking price) to resolve some of those awkward issues or give your home a real makeover.


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