Caught & Social: Bloody celebs…

social 234x300 Caught & Social: Bloody celebs...To the launch of Belvedere’s new Bloody Mary Vodka at London’s Le Caprice restaurant. The American fashion designer Zac Posen played host, while his ex-flatmate, the supermodel Erin O’Connor, revealed that she was back after a year off with a new job at the V&A. “I don’t have an office,” she said. “But I do get my own pair of purple latex gloves.” Sounds like quite a job… We also spied Sir Anthony Hopkins, who was not on the guest list but was passing by and fancied some brunch. Restaurant staff ignored the fact they were closed and let him in. As you would…

What big symbolism you have…

social1 300x204 Caught & Social: Bloody celebs...Amanda Seyfried and Max (son of Jeremy) Irons arrive at the premiere of Red Riding Hood. Rather than a gentle fairytale, Seyfried explained that they had added a darker element: “The story was sanitised over the years, and there’s a lot of sexual symbolism in the original tale that, over the years, has been extracted. Then we kind of put it back.”

Art imitates death for Pertwee

Actor Sean Pertwee unveiled a new “artwork” by Nancy Fouts yesterday at his central London gallery Pertwee, Anderson and Gold. It is not, however, the first bit of publicity for the pretend coffin and its fruity floral lettering. That came earlier this week, when the hearse carrying the installation appeared to break down on busy Piccadilly Circus. What would Eros say…?


British fans of US rapper Lil Wayne will have to continue to admire him from afar – he has been refused a UK visa for a tour because of his recent incarceration for possessing drugs and a gun … Speaking of legal matters, Paris Hilton is back in trouble. The heiress is being sued by an insurer which claims she hasn’t returned £37,500 of jewels that were loaned to her in 2007. Sound familiar? Lindsay Lohan is currently on trial for allegedly stealing a necklace. Lohan’s mother Dina, meanwhile, as called for stalking laws to stop the paparazzi pursuing her daughter, and the actress is in talks to play a gangster’s daughter in a film about John Gotti Jnr, starring John Travolta … In other weird film news, Macaulay Culkin and Pete Doherty are the unlikely pairing in a new movie by Adam Green. Check it out at

Scene & heard

Few could argue with the fact that Piers Morgan is one who bravely endures his celebrity. So it’s no surprise to read in this month’s Elle magazine that from time to time he would just like to be anonymous. “You want to go to a restaurant in London with your mates,” he says, understandably. “Drink too much,” we all do from time to time. “Take your clothes off and dance on the table.” Er, think you might have lost us, Piers. It seems that Morgan’s definition of anonymity is different from the public’s, the same as with humility…

Much fuss in the press yesterday over the possible reunion of The Stone Roses after John Squire and Ian Brown met up for the first time in 15 years. But bassist Mani said the meeting was just for his mother’s funeral, and he’s pretty upset about it. “Two old friends meeting up after 15 years to pay their respects to my mother does not constitute the reformation of The Stone Roses,” he tells NME. “Please f*** off and leave it alone. It isn’t true and isn’t happening.”


“I smoked weed in college, but I haven’t smoked in years… I’m like an old lady now. I’m in bed by 10pm.”

Natalie Portman tells ‘Entertainment Weekly’ about her stoner past

“Tweets have become a contemporary haiku, sometimes artfully worded moments of linguistic economy and … abbreviation”

Simon Pegg, writing in ‘New Statesman’, elevates the status of the humble tweet

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