The Nye Bevan Memorial Quiz

John Rentoul

aneurin bevan 586 300x168 The Nye Bevan Memorial QuizWe haven’t had a quiz for a while. So let’s have an NHS modernisation quiz. Who said this?

As society evolves, so too must the NHS. The Bill will deliver a modern NHS fit for the 21st century. It is the natural progression of the original vision to deliver the finest health care for all our citizens, remaining true to the founding principles set out by Nye Bevan.

I was trying to hide the answer, but haven’t worked out how to do it. Here is a clue to the identity of the leftie in question. The answer is in the comments.

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  • porkfright

    And the point of this is-What exactly?

  • Euan Armstrong

    I see.

  • stonedwolf

    “I’m sorry for supporting the Iraq War”, Johann Hari, 2008

  • Guest

    Educational savings too – eliminating B from the alphabet as a cost-cutting measure.

  • Guest

    As Bevan would have said: “Give me a big enough brown envelope and I’ll make the answer whatever you want.” Not that he was the first and certainly not the last. Some things are traditional but that doesn’t make them good.

  • Ron Broxted

    “We were only obeying orders”. Goring, 1945. Cressida Dick, 2005.

  • stonedwolf

    “Quite understandably we didn’t realise beating Baha Mousa to death would
    result in his death.”, 1st Battalion the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment

  • StarDasher

    You must be applying, then.

  • AlanGiles

    No I get all the $h!t I need by reading Rentoul. And remember, Rentoul kills 99% of all known germs (except Blairism)

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