Pamela Anderson owes $600,000 in taxes, California claims

Guy Adams

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Life as a tax collector isn’t all about counting beans. Here in California, the job gives you an annual chance to publicly “name and shame” the various rich and famous people who have failed to cough up their required dues to the IRS, America’s version of the Inland Revenue.

This year’s list of the Golden State’s top 250 tax delinquents was published a few minutes ago (read it in full here). And among the troubled souls who feature is one Pamela D Anderson of Los Angeles, who now finds herself in the awkward position of owing the government some $607,860.88.

It’s not the first time the former Baywatch star’s finances have been the subject of unwelcome attention. Last year, when the same list was published, it revealed that Ms Anderson owed some $500,000.

At the time, she used her Twitter feed to dispute claims that she was deliberately failing to cough up. “I’m not trying to avoid any tax obligation,” she said. “Certain events occurred, outside of my control which caused this temporary but embarrassing situation. All of my tax obligations will be resolved in the very near future.”

That was 12 months ago. I’m sure it was embarrassing, like she says. But the “very near future” has now been and gone. Perhaps the old dear might consider offloading the $2 million house she inhabits a couple of miles from my front door, and moving into somewhere more appropriate for a lady of her means.

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  • sha

    hehe poor neighbor!

  • bleachers

    She should give Wayne Rooney her phone number, I’m sure they could make a deal.

  • Carabosse

    Thanks for the disturbing images…. :)

  • Tom in London

    Who is Pamela Anderson?

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