Does it matter what David Cameron wears to the Royal Wedding?

John Rentoul

white Does it matter what David Cameron wears to the Royal Wedding?Asked by Conservative Home, a Question to Which the Answer is, Is Someone Getting Married?

Thanks to Graham.

Good photograph ripped off Guido Spoons.

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    Does anyone care what he wears at all? ;)

  • Michael Ernest Corby

    People like getting “toffed up” for weddings.

    It is way of announcing that it is a special day.

  • Michael Ernest Corby

    What really matters is all the fuss about this. We have war in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, piracy, a massive debt, high unemployment — and the Cameron does what? pronounces he will wear a lunge suit, and then back tracks.

    The great this about dress codes is that that take the thinking out going on items. DJs for Glyndbourne and Garsington, etc, Morning Dress for top weddings and if one is officiating in some way.

    I can be back home showered and changed into a DJ, fresh shirt, etc in under 10 minutes, and that includes getting them out of the cupboard.

  • LancashireLad

    Could you provide a link or source to your selection criteria / vetting proceedure re bedfellows

  • bob idle

    On the contrary reports say that it is Mr Cameron who is the one labouring under the misapprehension. That is why he is in two minds about what to wear.

    Has he considered Highland dress in Cameron tartan?

  • Charles Barry

    A quick check of the data makes me confused. The UN data lists many things (life expectancy, deaths per year in thousands, infant mortality rate), but it does not list violent deaths or ‘non-violent avoidable deaths from war-imposed deprivation’.

    Maybe I am looking at the dataset wrong. Maybe you are just making things up.

    Website: http:// / unpp / index.php?panel=3
    (Spaces added to avoid spam filters)

  • porkfright

    Well, pal-I am far left and I agree with Erika.

  • Derek_M

    I am (and was) against the Iraq war and Blair but I think your figures are wrong

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