Arnold Schwarzenegger, President of Europe?

John Rentoul

VanRompuy 1527085c 300x187 Arnold Schwarzenegger, President of Europe?Here we go. Number 594 in my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No, asked by Cranmer, who also asked it in a longer form:

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger about to take on Van Rompuy [right] to become President of Europe?

He’s Austrian, see? So he can’t be president of the United States. So it’s obvious, isn’t it? (Do not attempt to answer that question.)

Thanks to Matthew Barrett.

Meanwhile, we had a special dull QTWTAIN, number 593:

The G-20 Indicative Guidelines: A New Improved Chapter of International Economic Policy Coordination?

Thanks to Alan Beattie.

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  • Firozali A.Mulla

    US, EU promise aid to Libya; protests roil Syria; violence sweeps Nigeria
    Libya: Neither Muammar Gaddafi nor Libya’s beleaguered rebel forces gained much ground this week. In western Libya, Gaddafi’s forces continue to indiscriminately shell the city of Misurata; countless civilians have been killed, and the besieged city teeters on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. Two foreign journalists were killed in Misurata on Wednesday night. In the east, meanwhile, rebels are holding their ground near the city of Adjabiya.
    The European Union and the United Kingdom announced plans this week to send “military advisers” to help the rebels, and the United States plans to send $25 million worth of surplus equipment – vehicles, radios and the like – to Benghazi. The Libyan governent warned that Western support for the rebels would only drag out the conflict.
    I thank you Now we talk

  • CIMArules

    Well he did say he would be back.

  • Firozali A.Mulla

    It’s the classical scenario in US politics: the moving van pulls up to the White House on Inauguration Day, and it delivers not only a closet full of grey suits and power ties, but a boatload of expectations.

    The president, being the most powerful man in the world, begins history anew. Or so many US citizens believe.

    Out with the old, depressing, and disappointing, and in with the fresh, unsullied, and new. With the stroke of a pen, a new president can order the closing of an embarrassing and controversial off-shore prison for accused terrorists.

    Despite their imprisonment without trial, he can rid them of further torture. Just like that – done.

    For all sorts of reasons, the expectations raised by Barack Obama’s arrival in the Oval Office were especially high. Americans weren’t the only ones affected.

    How else can you explain the Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s decision to honour the new president by transforming its Peace Prize into a Prize Anticipating Peace? More or less, it’s the equivalent of designating the winner of the Heisman Trophy during week one of the college football season.

  • stonedwolf

    And he’ll be back for our clothes, our boots, and our motorcycles.

  • Ron Broxted

    I’ll be Bach as the Austrian composer often said. I support Arnie for the Presidency, Blair was tipped to get it. As we know Blair aided in the deaths of 100,000s in Iraq (100 Blairs = 10 Lenin = 1 MegaStalin). Arnie only disposed of villains on screen, and, like van Rompuy is harmless.

  • Lord Bigglesworth

    Nice cut and paste job from Counterpunch, Fulla.

  • Lord Bigglesworth

    Haha, “MegaStalin”, I’m going to steal that for a future retort. Thx Ron.

  • scampy2

    Certainly Arnold before Tony the phony Blair.

  • porkfright

    He never said that-well, maybe only when he was completely Brahms and Liszt.

  • Ron Broxted

    Love to get Blair drunk then record him saying “Iraq? I only did it for a laugh. I was bullied at school.” Wouldn’t the world be a better place if “Ugly Rumours” had been a success? Like if Vienna Art Academy let little Adolf become a painter.

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