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Alan Cleaver
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Join the cycle revolution with Sustrans. Picture credit: J Bewley/Sustrans

IN the early days of the internet, I once remarked that one day you’ll be able to find out via the web just how many street lights there are in Brighton. Today, I see there are 19,000 street lights in Brighton – and 4000 illuminated signs and bollards.

The depth of trivia on the internet is astounding but some of it is useful. Okay, so even if you decide to buy that two-bedroom home for sale in Brighton you probably won’t need to know how many streetlights there are. But what about bus stops? What about car parking or cycle routes to your nearest school or work place? Enter stage right, the green campaign group, Sustrans.

Their online map is a fantastic resource for anyone researching potential new homes. Just zoom in on a place or postcode and it flags up traffic-fre routes, train stations, bus stations, shops, schools, GP surgeries and much more. There is a printable version of the map to which you can add your own notes but log on and you can draw your own routes and save them for future reference. Just drawing the route will reveal its distance and how long it will take to walk or cycle that route. Hover your mouse over a feature and it will reveal additional information – for instance, hover over some bus stops and it will give you a number to text to find out when the next bus is due.

The Sustrans map is just one of many transport resources available online and it’s also one of the best. Below are some more links to help you sort out transport to and from your new home.


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