Waitrose launch a £3.50 lettuce leaf

Ilona Burton

Even the anorexic in me can’t get my head around this.

As one of ‘those’ people who, if forced to lunch on the go, will stand and scrutinise the nutritional contents of rows and rows of sandwiches, salads and sushi boxes (if I haven’t already memorised them all), I have witnessed a noticable amount of shrinkage over the last few years.

While the dieting industry expands and pressure grows to be thinner, to do twice as much on half as much, the sandwich aisle has reflected that change. Everywhere you go now, there are ‘good’ options which will be low calorie and inevitably also low in tastiness. They go hand in hand. Whereas I will stare and stare and then get too stressed and run away, there are hoards of office workers who will settle with the skinny, wholemeal free-range egg and cress sandwich for the sole reason that it has the least calories and they can tell all their colleagues how ‘good’ they are being. How fun.

Now, Waitrose. I actually thought they were taking the piss when I saw this press release, even the anorexic part of me was lost for words; you may as well just NOT EAT.displaymedia.ashx  300x199 Waitrose launch a £3.50 lettuce leaf

Carbs are out the window. The new range is basically a sandwich without the bread, or the wrap, or the pitta, or any kind of anything that gives any real kind of sustenance. Pretty healthy then. Introducing the lettuce leaf, or ‘boat’ as Waitrose have decided to dress up the lone piece of Cos, which delivers a maximum of 125 calories. With a range of fillings, nutritionist Joanne Lunn said: ““They are an alternative to a sandwich and an easy way of eating salad on the go, because you eat them like a wrap.” Fine if you enjoy eating a dribbly mess.

What I am hoping is that you recognise how ridiculous this whole thing is. I trust that you do.

The ‘wraps’ provide around 1/5th of what a female adult needs at lunchtime. You could add a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar or even a cake and you still would probably be eating less than you need just to function. Buy this with a Diet Coke and you’ll be reaching for the biscuits by 2pm.

I don’t know what credentials Waitrose nutritionist Joanna Lunn has, but someone needs to teach the woman about a little thing called balance.

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  • Marcus K Irwin

    Back of the net Bragitup. 

  • ilona burton

     It’s hardly rammed full of much else if it’s a maximum of 125 calories though is it?

  • peregr1n

    Here it is on the Waitrose site, which appears to use similar ‘clever’ URLs as The Independent!


    the product , this article  and the opinions in it are all a load of b####cks. 

  • Rachel Jane Lloyd

     Haha! I love that my lunch is usually a cheese sandwich, a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar and normally carrot cake at some point! All at the bargain that is a Boots Meal Deal. I point blank refuse to pay for salads or packed fruit, but I can guarantee, the Londoners on the go, will be buying that and paying the outrageous price too!! All to maybe get one of their 5 a day :p

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