Online House Hunter: The appeal of new-build

Alan Cleaver
highfieldla 300x221 Online House Hunter: The appeal of new build

New-build homes such as this one in St Albans offer many benefits

FOR some house hunters it just has to be a brand new house. For them the dream is moving in to a home that is not going to need a few more thousand pounds spent on it in renovation costs or require hours of work to prop up a historic or period home.

A quick browse of the Independent’s online property search engine reveals a variety of new homes just built and waiting for their first owner or those still waiting to be built that can be bought ‘off-plan’. The property pictured is a four-bedroom detached home in St Albans on the market for £599,950.

Leaving aside for the moment the thorny issue of traditional problems in getting a mortgage for a new-build home, there are many reasons to go down the new-build route.

Organisations such as the National House Building Council have done much in recent years to ensure the consumer is not bogged down with ’snags’ when they move into their new home. The NHBC has set the standards for acceptable levels of design, material specification and workmanship for newly-built homes registered with NHBC. Certainly check the home has a Buildmark warranty. The warranty, run by the NHBC, will protect your money if the builder goes bankrupt after contracts have been exchanged but before completion. It also covers defects which arise because the builder has not kept to NHBC Standards.

New-build homes will be built with the modern family in mind and will be built in accordance with current building regulations. That’s going to mean more energy-efficient and fewer carbon emissions. Security will also be up-to-date.

But what swings it for many people is the lack of any chain – farewell to a huge chunk of stress usually involved in moving house. Check out some of the links below to find out more about buying new-build.


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