Shy FX: I just want to make good music

Sam Moir

Untitled 155 Shy FX: I just want to make good musicAndre Williams wrote the rule book when it comes to drum & bass and jungle music.

He is better known to you as Shy FX and this year, he returns with a new album.

“The reason why I think I’ve been in it for so long and passionate about is because I always make tunes that I love whether I release it or not,” he says.

His debut record, Jungle Love, was released in 1992 and in the 19 years since he has released another album which included the seminal Feelings and has also produced for Dizzee Rascal on both his 2007 Maths + English and 2009 Tongue N’ Cheek albums.

But all eyes are solely on Shy as he continues to prepare Larger Than Life.

At the end of last year, he released Raver, which featured Kano, Done’o and Roses Gabor and such was the success of Shy’s return, many have tipped his forthcoming album to cross over into the mainstream.

“I’ve got more than enough tunes for an album but there’s more to write. I always write as much as I can and it needs to work as an album as opposed to a compilation,” he says.

“A lot of people write tunes and it just sounds like a compilation album. I know the art of writing of album is almost gone because you can download each tune as a single.”

“But for me, I like it to work as an album.”

His previous work had concepts and key themes running through it but fans can expect a similar style to his record label, Digital Soundboy.

“The Diary of a Digital Soundboy album was a story. Certain things happened so we couldn’t finish it like that. When I did it with T Power, there was a story, there was supposed to be things running through with interludes,” he says.

“It’s supposed to be a story that interlinks everything together and that was more of a concept album.”

“Larger Than Life is what you expect from Digital Soundboy. I set up the label so I could release an album that I want to release on there,” he says.

Digital Soundboy was set up in 2005 by Shy FX and in the five years since, the label has gone on to cement itself as one of the most cutting edge bass music labels.

His vision for Digital Soundboy is simple. “I wanted to set up a new platform for good music, not necessarily genre specific. A good label doesn’t need to be about one artist or sound. For us, it’s simply all about the music”.

The label has released music from artists such as Donae’o, Redlight and Youngman who have continuously achieved acclaim for their music.

Not forgetting Breakage who went on to have mainstream success with his single Fighting Fire.

“For Digital Soundboy, I had to focus hard and help bring through people like Breakage,” he says.

“It takes a lot of nurturing. For example, Breakage had never really recorded a vocal before and vocal production is a completely different art to just rolling out a drum & bass track.”

“It took months to help and coach him into what he was doing so I took time out even though I releasing things under aliases.”

As summer nears ever closer, the expectation continues to build regarding his latest album. If Shy’s standards are anything to go by then the wait will be worthwhile.

“All I think about is making and putting out the best music possible, that’s all”

“If in a couple of year’s time, I’m speaking to you or someone like yourself talking about what’s happening then I’m blessed.”

“I just want to make good music.”

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