Caught & Social: Bacon gets the X factor

Untitled 160 Caught & Social: Bacon gets the X factorThe cast of X Men: First Class (and its writer Jane Goldman, wife of Jonathan Ross) turned up at London’s Dorchester Hotel yesterday. The line-up included singer Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoë, 22, who plays Angel Salvadore in the new film. Her co-star, Kevin Bacon, revealed the steps taken to keep the plot under wraps. “It is one of those movies that was completely shrouded in secrecy,”he told Absolute Radio. “I had to drive over to the Fox lot. And they said to me, ‘You’ll go into a room. In that room there will be a form that you will sign. After you’ve signed the form, the script will be handed to you. After that, the door will be locked. You’ll be able to read the script, then you will be released’. I mean, literally, it was that kind of thing.”Let’s hope the movie’s good.

Scene & heard

A Rolling Stones reunion is in the pipeline for the band’s forthcoming 50th anniversary, says Keith Richards. “Something’s blowing in the wind,” the 67-year-old rocker told USA Today. “This is what we have to ask each other, ‘Do we want to go out in a blaze of glory?.” Keith might want to ask his bandmate Mick Jagger that, though. Dave Stewart, once of the Eurythmics, has revealed that he and Jagger, Joss Stone and Damian Marley have been rehearsing for nearly two years as a supergroup. They have written 18 tracks and are ready to release an album. Silly music news item one: singer Michael Bublé has renewed his wedding vows with wife Luisana Untitled 219 Caught & Social: Bacon gets the X factorLopilato – for the third time this year. It took place at a Vancouver hotel with an “old-time Hollywood”theme. We hope they said no gifts. Silly music news item two: P Diddy has a new name. The artist formerly known as Puff, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, King Combs and his real name, Sean Combs, will be known, for one week only, as “Swag”. Say it while it lasts.

Firths pass the Obama test

Colin and Livia Firth rolled out out the red carpet for a change when they hosted a book launch at their west London shop, Eco Age, last night. The event was to promote To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World? – an exposé of the clothing industry by their friend, Lucy Siegle. Of course, the Firths could still be basking in their post- Oscars glow, while Colin’s grin might be because he has just spent a few days filming with Cameron Diaz. But C&S hears that the more likely reason is that the couple have received one of the hottest invitations in town this week – to dine with President Barack Obama.

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