Caught & Social: Gaga’s star car quality

Untitled 220 Caught & Social: Gaga’s star car qualityBarack Obama’s ”Beast”car might mean that he travels in a bullet-proof cavalcade of comfort, but he could learn a thing or two from Lady Gaga. In New York. La chanteuse de nos jours demonstrated the way that true stars travel in a limousine: by leaning out the window and waving to your adoring fans. Gaga was leaving after an interview on the David Letterman show, during which she ate the host’s notes and declared that she was “Batman”. It’s probably just as well Obama didn’t do that with Andrew Marr last week.

Banderas’s latest role is panned

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is in Brazil to promote his range of fragrances (Blue Seduction, anyone?) and a new photographic exhibition. So quite why he chose to go on the popular TV show Mais Voce and show how to cook a paella is anyone’s guess. It does look tasty, though.

Scene & heard

The Cannes Film Festival ended on a bum note after the French actor Samy Naceri was arrested for mooning at passers-by. Allegedly angry that one shouted “taxi”to him (Naceri stars in all four Taxi films), he showed off his derrière. He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, insulting a police officer and incitement to riot. It must be an impressive backside. Todd Phillips, the director of The Hangover and its sequel, has revealed that former USpresident Bill Clinton loves frat-boy comedies. “He’s a fan, not only of The Hangover but movies in general. He loved Old School. He loved The A-Team.”At a meeting, Bill apparently even went as far as to ask actor Bradley Cooper about a sequel to the critically-panned Untitled 164 Caught & Social: Gaga’s star car qualityA-Teammovie. “He said: ‘Will there be an A-Team 2 and can I be in it?’” TV presenter Dave Berry on Twitter: “You know how you get all emotional if you have partied too hard and not slept enough?”Not really, but do go on. “Well I just cried at Tim Allen: Inside the actors studio!”There, there.

Glum and glummer

Once upon a time, Jack Dee was king of the miserable comedians – now they’re all at it. Here are Rhod Gilbert and Rich Hall also looking pretty glum as they arrive at last night’s Channel 4 Comedy Gala at the O2 arena in London. The event featured a performance by N-Dubz and a sketch in which actors Patrick Stewart and James Corden made up after their row at last year’s Glamour magazine awards. There was at least one thing to smile about: the money raised will benefit Great Ormond Street children’s hospital.

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  • C_monsta

    Why is it that people want to believe that lady Gaga is worth giving so much appreciation? Aren’t you as bored and tired as i am of images female singers in stupid underwear type costumes? Why do they feel they have to do this?
    I think a lot of people are so scared of having ‘conservative taste’ that they convince themselves that they think Lady Gaga and Tracey Emin’s exhibition are cool

  • Puppies For Sale

    I think a lot of people are so scared of having ‘conservative taste’
    that they convince themselves that they think Lady Gaga and Tracey
    Emin’s exhibition are cool

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