Caught & Social: Craig’s capers are ‘leaked’ online

Untitled 11 Caught & Social: Craig’s capers are ‘leaked’ onlineThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (you might have heard of it), is being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, starring Britain’s own Daniel Craig (pictured here on the Stockholm set, yesterday). Despite the fact that the film version of the ubiquitous Swedish crime thriller is not scheduled for release for several months, an apparent “bootleg”copy of the film’s trailer “leaked” online over the weekend. Sceptics and bloggers have, however, argued it was the film’s producers Sony who released it in an attempt to whip up the sort of frenzy for the film that greeted the book. And yes, we do realise that by writing this here, we are only helping to encourage it.

Scene & heard

Steve Coogan, star of A Cock and Bull Story, is to take the part of Paul Raymond in a new film about the porn baron’s life, entitled Paul Raymond’s Wonderful World Of Erotica. The news was revealed by Raymond’s biographer Paul Willetts during a talk at that known hangout of the adult scene – the Westminster Reference Library.

Mere moments later, we read that US actress Julianna Margulies, star of The Good Wife, has been offered a similarly smutty role as a lesbian porn star. “I have a child, I think I’ll just keep my day job,”she told Hollywood Reporter. “It wasn’t that I was insulted. I was actually thrilled by it.”

Meanwhile Rob Lowe (who is, admittedly, no stranger to adult movies himself), is not reading bad reviews, whatever Untitled 2 Caught & Social: Craig’s capers are ‘leaked’ onlinethe role. “Now I just read the good ones – I’ve had enough character building in my life,” he tells Elle magazine. “I can be honest now, because I don’t give a flying f***. What are they going to do, vote me out of show business?”If only the world of celebrity was a democracy.

Game, set and matching hats

From Sweden to France, where Bradley Cooper took some time away from promoting his new film The Hangover 2 to catch day 10 of the French Open at Roland Garros. Cooper, far right, was lucky enough to find himself sat next to French star Jean Reno and his wife Zofia – though we are sure he was too polite to mention the fact the couple arrived in matching hats.

Untitled 3 Caught & Social: Craig’s capers are ‘leaked’ onlineAttenborough goes on and on

Ben Fogle and Sir David Attenborough team up for the ‘Ask Attenborough’ event at the Science Museum in London. While some might think that Fogle could be a natural to fill the hushed-voiced void should Attenborough ever retire, the 85-year-old said last week that he had no plans to hang up his safari suit. “I never, ever said I wanted to retire or would retire, and as long as I can stand up and people want me to do things, I shall most certainly go on doing them,” he said.

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