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Is it time to think small?

TODAY’S Independent article on homeowners who downsize includes a number of useful tips and snippets of advice.

Journalist Ruth Bloomfield interviews a number of families deciding to sell-up and move somewhere smaller and it’s interesting to look at their motivations.

There are the squeezed-middles looking for an easier financial life. There are also, as you might expect, those couples whose children have grown-up left home and they simply have too many rooms. But there are also those looking for a better lifestyle, more time and a house that is easier to maintain.

I’m sure you can add your own advice on downsizing in the comments section at the end of this article but here’s a few from the experiences of my family and friends:

  • Selling up to move closer to to children or grandchildren may not work out how you wish. Children have their own lives and long days alone in a strange town where you know few people can be a testing time. And what if your child’s career suddenly takes him or her to another part of the world?
  • Storage in a smaller home can be a problem if you have accrued hundreds of possessions over the years. Consider renting storage space with companies like Big Yellow Self Storage.
  • A country cottage sounds idyllic but, as one family in Ruth Bloomfield’s article points out, do you really want to have to drive several miles every time you want a pint of milk? Living within walking distance of town centres can have its advantages in terms of easier access and cheaper travelling costs.
  • Think seriously about buying older properties that you dream of renovating. A modern house which needs little or no work leaves you free to enjoy the world. Modern homes are also better adapted to older or less able people.
  • Think about the home and access for all times of the year. Will you be snowed in? Will the heating system need a complete overhaul?

The Independent’s online property search enables you to limit your search to your optimum price range and/or to the number of bedrooms. It will also, of course, allow you to search the area in which you wish to live – switch to map mode and zoom further out in your search for your perfect property.


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