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The two-bedroom house for sale near Wrexham

PARTS of Wales seemed to fare worse than most in the latest Land Registry House Price Index. The index lags a month behind so the latest figures are actually for April but they make for bleak reading. And not for the first time.

While the national annual change in house prices was down 1.3 per cent, there were some areas that saw drops of more than five per cent. Merthyr Tydfil saw the UK’s greatest annual price fall – a terrifying -15.7%.

A number of complex economic reasons are suggested for this state of affairs and estate agents still talk optimistically about a ‘well placed for revival’ market.

Wales Online reported last week on calls by the Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru calling for a cross-departmental approach to address the housing crisis.

Of course, falling house prices may be bad news for home owners, those wishing to move or those hoping the nest egg will fund their retirement but it can be good news for others. Those wishing to invest in property and those looking to buy should be heartened by such bargains now on offer. Sadly the sales volume figures for Wales don’t suggest that low prices are – as yet – sparking a big rush to buy, buy, buy.

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    • noel fowles

      why falling house price stories are tagged with words like bleak, and worse, is beyond me.  Young people can’t afford to buy these days, at what are still high prices.  

    • monsieur_charlie

      Of course they can, they just prefer to spend their money on other things. Either that or they are biding time waiting for prices to drop even further.

    • noel fowles

      rubbish, plain and simple, like you, it seems

    • monsieur_charlie

      Can’t afford a house yourself? Get off your posterior and work for it. Why do you think everything should be simply dropped into your lap?

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