Did Giotto paint the Turin Shroud?

John Rentoul

turin Did Giotto paint the Turin Shroud?Number 626 in the endless series of Questions to Which the Answer is No is asked by the automatic story generator at the Daily Mail (right; the online version does not ask a question and therefore risks failing Paul Dacre’s requirement that his entire organisation be devoted to trying to get mentioned on this blog).

Thanks again to Daniel Knowles.

Then there was number 625, asked by Neil McCormick at the Telegraph:

Does the world still care about the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Thanks to Tom Bage.

Number 624, asked by Mark Fischetti at Scientific American:

Will the Internet Stop on 8 June?

Thanks to Adrian McMenamin.

And number 623, asked yesterday by Sue Marsh at Labour List:

Will Dave sign the shortest suicide note in history today?

A reference to the Prime Minister’s speech on NHS reform, which, while full of clichés (pillar to post; in the driving seat; frontline; level playing field; cherry picking; one-size-fits-all; reinvent the wheel; let me be absolutely clear; no ifs or buts), stuck to the central message, that competition will benefit patients.

Thanks to Rob Marchant.

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  • Ron Broxted

    Were the Dogon of Mali contacted by aliens many centuries ago?

  • erikasalzeck

    Is Rentoul’s brain a Black Hole?

  • Ron Broxted

    Ooh Matron!

  • Ron Broxted

    Can Emily’s cat beat your cat?

  • Paragluteus

    Of course he did! You’ll be telling us next that Rentoul is a proper journalist!

  • Ron Broxted

    Questions To Which The Answer Is Well I’ll Go To The Foot Of Our Stairs! 

  • petersimplex

    Suicide is not David Cameron’s strong point – he thinks there has already been an inquest into Dr Kelly’s , er, “suicide” sometime in the past 8 years.  To which the answer is no.

  • Paragluteus

    A Question To Which The Answer is Yes;

    Do I hear the clashing and grinding of teeth and brain, as Rentoul gears up for another Blairsupporting post?

    (I can see the bug-transcript now; “Come on John, giss a hand at promoting my book”) 

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