Pro-democracy activist on trial

Jody McIntyre

Untitled 29 Pro democracy activist on trial Tomorrow, pro-democracy activists involved in the student demonstrations in December last year will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court.  The demonstrations were followed a media witch-hunt; photographs of so-called “violent thugs”, and appeals for protesters to come forward and give the police information on their fellow students.

One of those being charged tomorrow is Alfie Meadows, a resident of Brixton, south London. Alfie needed emergency brain surgery to save his life after suffering serious injuries at the demonstration of December 9th, the same demonstration at which I was twice dragged out of my wheelchair by police officers. On Thursday morning, he will attend court after being charged with violent disorder.  All of those being charged were demonstrating against the education cuts, and the tripling of tuition fees.

Violent disorder is defined as “where three or more people (including the accused) use or threaten unlawful violence and, the conduct of them taken together is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness to fear for their personal safety.” In fact, there was a group of three or more people who put me in fear of my personal safety on December 9th.  They were wearing hi-vis jackets, with the words ‘Metropolitan Police’ emblazoned on the front. The police have since investigated themselves, and find the actions to be ‘lawful and justifiable’.

It is my belief that the true test of a political movement is not the force with which it rises up, but the unity with which it defends itself. We demand justice for my own case, we also reassert a basic political point; we have the right to demonstrate our political views.

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  • lovetruncheon

    but…you’ve just put democracy and uk in the same sentence?
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    Welcome to the smartass posts!

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    John you need to lie down. 

  • Ron Broxted

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