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Online maps can help you in your property search

GOOGLE had some fun and plenty of publicity with their ‘Street View‘ awards which included Britain’s most romantic street, best shopping street and hippest street.

For those who missed it they are respectively Front Street, Bamburgh, Bondgate Within, Alnwick and South Shore Road, Gateshead.

When searching out your new home there are a number of online maps that can help you get an overview of the neighbourhood. I’ve detailed a few below but feel free to post up with any more suggestions:

Google Street View: One can’t ignore this online resource that has revolutionised cartography in the modern age. A quick click of a button switches you from a satellite view to a map view and, for most roads, you can ‘drive’ along a given route to see what it is like. You’ll also find still photos, webcams and videos linked via the map. You can also get direction from A to B along with many other goodies.

Sustrans: I’ve raved about the amount of detail on the maps of this green pressure group before but it has to be seen to be believed. It seems to have every cyclepath, bus stop, school, dental surgery, GP surgery – the list just goes on and on. If you want to find out what’s in the neighbourhood of your shortlist of new homes then you’ll find no where better than here.

Crime map: Everyone wants to know if it’s a ‘rough neighbourhood’ and so the police have come up with a map detailing what crime has occurred, when and how it fits in with the national average. Take a look but I’d treat the information with caution – one scuffle at a nearby pub and you’d think every residential street within quarter of a mile was crime central!

Selling your home: Sites such as will give you a guide to what property has sold in your area at what price over the last few years. It’s only a guide of course. At the end of the day, your house is worth what someone will want to pay for it.

Buying your home: The Independent online property search engine is just one of a number of ‘houses for sale’ sites which are searchable via a map. Limit the search by filtering the price range or number of bedrooms then zoom out to find the home that suits your needs.

Still more maps: The Property Wizza gadget will lead you to many other maps based on postcodes including the delightful Beer In The Evening website which will give you a guide on the local pubs.

* If you’ve found an online map that I should include in my bookmarks, please post below.

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