Ken to Ed’s rescue

John Rentoul

emkl 181x300 Ken to Eds rescueOnly one problem with the Dan Hodges deadline for Ed Miliband’s leadership, as laid down on Newsnight last night. Hodges said that the May local and London elections next year might be the occasion for the Labour Party to decide that it was not going to work. Michael Crick immediately saw the flaw: “So it’s up to Ken to save him?”

The idea that Livingstone’s defeat by Boris Johnson next year would be a reason to get rid of Miliband lacks internal consistency. It would be if Livingstone won that Labour should really worry.

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    Ah yes, the London Mayoral Elections. I trust the majority of us that don’t live in the capital can look forward to the media’s wildly disproportionate coverage again next year.

    It is only in the minds of London obsessed journalists that Labour’s future hangs on this result- most people don’t care.

  • Guest

    Poor Rentoul will sooner or later have to agree that Ed Mili is Labour’s leader and likely to win the next election and that Red Ken is likely to become London’s Mayor again and do a better job than Blair did as PM.

  • stonedwolf

    Yes, because Labour – at least the Rentaghoul end of Labour that seeks to slaughter Semites for oil – and who seeks to blame the Semites for their annihilation at our hand – isn’t going to be heartened by the win of an anti-War candidate, is it?

  • Ron Broxted

    Livingstone will have to deal with l’affair Lee Jasper and the half million quid “resting in his account”. Diiirty Babylon!

  • Guest

    I recall that Bojo and his highly paid investigators and all the blues and twos could put Jasper in Jug even then.

  • Ron Broxted

    Word round the camp fire is that Lee is singing like a canary to Plod. 

  • Guest

    Lee Jasper has not always been entirely straighforward: beware the enamel mugs.

  • Ron Broxted

    But he is a “LEADER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY” it says so on his propaganda, I mean site. The fact that he is trying to resurrect a moribund political career with the JUSTICE 4 SMILEY campaign is neither here nor there!!

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