Are boring films good for the soul?

John Rentoul

asleep 300x224 Are boring films good for the soul?At last, a Question to Which the Answer is No to which I can bring the authority of personal experience. As someone who has walked out of a Tarkovsky film, I can confidently say that this question, asked by Vanessa Thorpe in The Observer today, is number 630 in my series.

The Observer also provides number 629, asked by Toby Helm:

Was Ed Miliband the right choice to lead Labour?

This may contravene the rules of the series, which are that the publisher of the question implies that the answer is Yes, but let us have it anyway.

Number 628 was asked by the Catholic Herald:

Should Catholic bishops follow Rowan Williams’s example and intervene more forcefully in politics?

There may be more in the Sunday newspapers. Meanwhile, Will Millinship asks number 627, one of those clever ones (such as number 455):

What’s the opposite of yes?

(Thanks to Matt Chorley, Scott, and Ben McCabe.)

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  • mrpaolo

    To go back to the original question. Are boring films good for the Soul?

    Depends on the soul. Get your own.

  • CiaranCocktrumpet

    My favourite film of all time still remains the Wizard of Oz. At the Channel Five auditions in Manchester for inmates for the next Big Brother House, I started to sing a melody of songs from the film, only to be shouted at by the producer  “next one please” after only five seconds! My flab was ghasted…….Oooh matron!

  • CiaranCocktrumpet

    Oooh you do talk a lot of rubbish Ron.

  • CiaranCocktrumpet

    It’s always amusing to see Ron Broxted having shallow and unmindful online conversations with himself. It’s the names he uses like stonewolf . Not a lot of imagination there, but then again when did imagination ever feature in Broxted’s repetitive rants faux revolutionary rants?

  • CiaranCocktrumpet

    Unlike your favourite hero Joe Stalin? Fnrrr Fnrrr.

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