Why racing is so much more fun in the wet

Luke Wilkins
Button Why racing is so much more fun in the wet

Button takes Vettel on the last corner!

This weekend saw the weather dictate the state of affairs in the MotoGP and Formula 1, and wasn’t it fantastic?

I hope I’m not the only one that thinks every race should be held under a torrential downpour, just to add a bit of spice to it. Hats off to the guys that raced, especially those with only two wheels, as it surely must be nigh on impossible to see these high performance vehicles around a circuit with standing water and about as many puddles as Glastonbury, but just think of the excitement.

In the olden days, there were always reliability issues that made things exciting; when one person was out in the lead it was never a dead cert their car would make it round. Maybe the clutch would go, maybe the engine would blow up… It was the uncertainty that made it so exhilarating to watch. The weather brings this chutzpah back, and while it may be unpopular with the paying fans, and slightly impossible to make it rain at every circuit (I will try a rain dance each week and see if this has any effect) each week, I reckon we should try!

In fact, we could go one stage further, and not just have weather involved, but maybe make it even more exciting by adding further randomness? Jumps (they already have bumps), power ups, strange turtle shells that circle around your vehicle to protect it, weapons?

Oh I see what I have done there; I’ve gone and gotten all confused about what is real, and what’s actually only possible in computer games. Damn, it’s happened before, and led to a very embarrassing moment with a plumber…and a rather large mushroom.

Back to the racing. The Canadian Grand prix blew me away; Jenson Button, simply take a bow, sir. What a way to come back, race through a field, and turn his whole season around, and wasn’t it great to see Vettel lose a race? He is human after all.

Bradley smith Why racing is so much more fun in the wetAs for the MotoGP, well it was always going to be a hard day for the British fans in the driving rain after their hero, and only MotoGP Brit Cal Crutchlow shattered his collar bone in qualifying…I’ve seen the x ray, its in 4 pieces, ouch. In fact Cal has been having pretty much the perfect start to his MotoGP career, and this couldn’t have come at a worst time as it’s just before his home GP race. He will be back though, knowing Cal it’ll probably be next week, and he will hope to not lose any of the momentum he has built up this season.

Hats off to his teammate Colin Edwards, who, having broken his collarbone last week and losing his record finally for most consecutive starts in MotoGP, came back to grab a podium – not bad when his previous best finish this year was 6th place.

But my ride of the day goes to the amazingly talented and winner of the Mister Nice Guy award, Bradley Smith. He made the step up to Moto2 this year from the 125’s, despite electrical problems during qualifying meaning he only got two flying laps, and had to start from 28th on the grid. He managed to climb through the field in appalling conditions to grab 2nd place, and his first podium of the season, giving us British fans something to cheer about. It was an awesome race, from a man (he is only 20) who has an incredible future ahead of him on two wheels.

I actually managed to catch up with Bradley before the race on Wednesday in London, when he was trying his hand at a glamorous new career – check out the video below.

Thank goodness he took my advice.

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