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robbiewilliams 300x212 Online House Hunter: The Bachelor Pad

A glimpse inside Robbie Williams' "bachelor pad"

RUTH Bloomfield takes a look at the delights and challenges of the bachelor pad in an interview with Felix von Bechtolsheim in The Independent.

The strapline proudly declares there’s not a beer can in sight and the architect has even included more feminine touches such as flowers, candles and a chandelier. It may not go down too well with the Alpha Males out there but I think most will be impressed with the look Felix has achieved.

Like most bachelor pads, making use of the limited space is key to the successful design, although Felix has on occasion sacrificed space for style. It looks like he’s going to give away more secrets on his website but for the moment it carries one of those depressing “under construction” notices.

There are, however, no shortage of design tips and ideas on Google and a few are listed below but most are rather glib and vague. Far better to take a voyeuristic approach and look at pads like Felix’s online. Two are in the news at the moment: The Wall Street Journal shows you inside the luxury home of commodities trader Nedim Soylemez and Robbie Williams’ flat is currently up for sale.

Robbies’ old flat is for sale with RightMove for £3,450,000 and is in the heart of fashionable Notting Hill. The ‘bachelor pad’ is spread over four floors and includes a terraced garden so probably wont have the space problems associated with most bachelor pads! RightMove feature some other examples of bachelor pads including this more modest one on the Clapham Road for £300,000. Robbie Williams’ property is also on the Independent property search with Domus Nova.

You’ll need gadgets of course and there are no shortage of online shops to find the ultimate home cinema system or the essential lava lamp. I rather like the crazy ideas on including the Hitchcock-esque scary shower curtain and the blood-stained bath mat – now that’s what I call call chic design!

But if you think that’s tacky, have a read of this ‘design tip’ from which suggests “Leaving a female item” around your bachelor pad to woo your next date.

* The one-bedroom flat pictured is in London W14 and is for sale with Townends at £299,950. When using the Independent online property search you can limit results by number of bedrooms or price.


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