Caught & Social: Booed Amy cancels next gigs

winehouse 259x300 Caught & Social: Booed Amy cancels next gigs

Amy Winehouse began her European Tour to boos from the Belgrade crowd, after she played a 90-minute set which involved a little singing, lots of mumbling and some throwing of her microphone on the floor.

After the Belgrade debacle, it was announced that the UK singing star is to cancel concerts in Istanbul tonight and in Athens on Wednesday, but no decision has yet been taken on the rest of the 12-date European Tour. While the Serbian audience were unhappy with the outcome of the concert, it should come as little surprise to anyone who has followed her battles with alcohol.

Dylan rocks with a Stone

Having a more successful Saturday night on stage than Ms Winehouse was Bob Dylan. The folk singer played to thousands of fans who had braved the rain in Finsbury Park in north London with a set including classics such as “Like a Rolling Stone”, prompting a sing-along among the crowd, which contained, appropriately, a real-life Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood.

Gwyn gives it welly at book launch

Gwyneth Paltrow turned out to talk to the chefs and foodies at the Taste of London festival yesterday. The actress, singer and aspiring domestic deity jumped into a pair of expensive looking willies to brave the Regent’s Park mud, where she signed copies of her new cookbook, Notes From My Kitchen Table. If that doesn’t sound exhausting enough, she also managed to update her website on the subject of Father’s Day (which was yesterday, for the bad children among you), writing, “being a good dad is rad”. David Cameron couldn’t have put it better himself.


You might not know it, but it’s been quite the week for Cheryl Cole. The Daily Star Sunday says Cole is planning a move abroad after moved her stuff into an “an international cargo facility”, while the estate agent put the property on the market. The News of the World meanwhile claims her move was up the road and back into her old marital home with ex Ashley Cole, with whom she spent a night. “They were saying what a special night it was,” a friend told the paper. “They were mucking about like old times, just playing pool, smoking and having a few drinks.” Sounds, er romantic. The People argues that in fact she is “shattered” and is refusing to step out in public. While the Sunday Mirror goes one further, saying that she has not only quit going out, but “quit showbiz”. How could next week, possibly top that?

Scene & heard

Anthony Weiner, the US politician forced to resign after a “sexting”scandal, has got a job offer from America’s pornographer in- chief, Larry Flynt. Offering to match his Washington pay, Flynt writes, “I cannot emphasize enough the genuineness of this offer.”What’s Weiner waiting for?

In other political news. Frankie Muniz, of Malcolm in the Middle, fame, tweets that he wants to run for office in the US. “I’m running for public office,” he wrote. “I will be announcing soon.”You may want to take this with a pinch of salt, as in 2008, Muniz announced plans to be a racing driver.

The rapper Snoop Dogg also has an unusual career dream, to play Benny Hill in a movie of his life: “I love Benny Hill,” he told The Guardian. “He is one of my favourites of aaall time… he was just amazing. Just seeing how he put songs together and comedy and the timing and the sketches. He was way ahead of his time. I would like to play Benny Hill in the Benny Hill movie. I’ll even paint my face white.”


“I’m too polite to have trashed hotel rooms, but I did play a lot of air  guitar as a teenager”

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine talks about his teenage band, Flared Generation

“[My wife] thought that it would be nice to have sex with someone she liked. She wanted to try that”

Larry David reveals the reason behind his recent divorce

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  • VicTheBrit

    Oh well… The trials and tribulations of singing/slurring celebs is always good to hear – money doesn’t allow you to become a better person…

  • ineluctable2u

    What on earth was Gwynnie doing jumping into a pair of expensive looking WILLIES?  What does an expensive looking willy look like? What makes it expensive? 

    Poor old Amy is a mess- doesn’t look like she’s ready to be helped yet. Getting desperate though…

  • ineluctable2u

    Cruel schadenfreude, VicTheBrit…

  • trottitout

    Ahaha, I saw that. Classic.

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