Members of Parliament should work for less than minimum wage

Jody McIntyre

philipdavies 228x300 Members of Parliament should work for less than minimum wage Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, thinks disabled people should be ‘allowed’ to work for less than the national minimum wage.  Well thank you for the privilege Mr. Davies, because £5.93 is a bit steep for us “scroungers”.

“If an employer is looking at two candidates, one who has got disabilities and one who hasn’t, and they have got to pay them both the same rate,” Davies said in the House of Commons, “I invite you to guess which one the employer is more likely to take on.”

I work as a self-employed journalist.  Does Philip Davies, pictured, think I should be paid less than the next journalist, purely based on the fact that I have cerebral palsy?  Clearly, I would not be the best person to stack shelves in a supermarket, and because of that I would not apply for such a role, but why would I be any less able to work at a supermarket check-out than any other person?  A strong test of any progressive society is how it’s most vulnerable people are valued for their worth, rather than pitied for their faults.  Philip Davies clearly places little value on the role of people with learning difficulties in our society; instead of celebrating their diversity, he chooses to reinforce the discriminatory myth that people with learning difficulties are more of a risk to employers.

His rhetoric is spoken in the patronising tone of the “well-meaning observer”; “if those people consider it is being a hindrance to them” Davies continued, in reference to the minimum wage, “I don’t see why we should be standing in their way.”  Are we supposed to thank Philip Davies for his kindness?  At last, someone brave enough to voice our views?  No, Philip Davies, why don’t you let disabled people speak for themselves?  In fact, it is not this national standard that is a hindrance to disabled people, but the attitude that Davies conveys in his comments, that allows not only employers, but many sections of the public, to continue to look down on disabled people as lesser or inferior members of society.

Philip Davies, on the basic MP’s salary of £65,738, is pontificating on the ‘hindrance’ of paying disabled people the same minimum wage as any other person.  The clue, which he seems to be missing, is in the title.  But Davies is living in the same bubble as many of his colleagues in the Houses of Commons.  He seems to suffer from the same superiority complex; “we are all in this together, apart from us!”  Well, here is a suggestion, why don’t you work for less than the minimum wage?

Only “if you want to”, of course.

  • Barry Franklin

    Philip Davies Conservative MP what a nob. Its because of twats like Davies that this country is going down the lavvie.

  • Nigel Wootton

    Davies’ errant discrimination is targeted both at the disabled, and the National Minimum Wage. Such a nasty toff should never be elected again: People of Shipley!

  • WMD-Gnome

    I feel very sad reading these posts

    I find the fact that some here are making comments on other
    human beings as less worth than another human being is disputing and seems like
    a history lesson on the third Reich head office making plan in dark rooms on what
    is best for the disabled.

    Any social scientist or human could tell you to make sum one
    less worth than another is to dehumanise them to make them different than you self
    making YOU  more worthy.

    I look at history and make so many similarities.

    Watching how the Nazis painted a picture of the Jews they
    were dirty less worthy less human than anyone else.

    And like the sheep led to the butcher 

    Sum here look at the disabled as less worthy.

    Its okay stepping aside and making comments about thing a
    lot posting here know little about.

    Yes I don’t see people as commodities I see people as people
    all gifted in many a way everyone has different things to give to a society as
    a whole.

    If there legs don’t work or their hands don’t work means
    nothing they still are human and should be given as much or a right as your
    self because a person is ill does not mean he is less worthly to a life as you
    your self have.

    It may and a car, bus or a gun that may one day give you yourself
    a disability it can happen to any one as I say we don’t live in some utopia
    where illness or accidents don’t happen and everything can be fixed.

    Not everything can be fixed and one day you may be one of these
    so called disabled your commenting on .

    So then ask your self would you work the same job you are
    doing now for 5pounds and a little more?

    Would you all do that ?

    Would Philip Davies I very much think he wouldn’t  

    Given the fact that some here agree with Philip Davies I ask
    them if they would do the job they  do now
    because they have been in a car accident and hand their leg cut off ?

    If they don’t lie they would say no I wouldn’t but that’s what
    them very same people are asking the less able to do.


    I am very saddened to read these posts I thought as a nation
    our forefathers fought for the rights of every person in the country to live
    free and the ability to be the best they possibly can.

    Not in a country where the disabled are less worth than any

    To me it shows how our society has become so fragmented.

    And Philip Davies comments just shows who are running our
    country people with the same sort of belief’s as a guy who once lived in Germany
    a while ago.

  • lovetruncheon

    “otherhuman beings as less worth than another human being is disputing”

    couldn’t be bothered reading past this.

    obviously some human beings are worth more or less in the work place as we all get different rates of pay.

    thats the whole point.

  • Robert Carswell

    I have offered Mr Davies the choice of 3 positions as I am self employed. At the rate of £5:90 per hour. Out of which would come rent, to me, he’d get utilities free, he’d have to pay his bus fare, I have disabled persons bus pass. Food for himself. Nothing else needed is there? He can sit in his bedroom use his pay as you go mobile/dongle.A rate of 39hrs @ £5:90 for 4wk is £920:40 before any deductions are made. So the offer is open to any MP providing they haven’t got a criminal record as I have a 16 year old son who doesn’t qualify for carers allowance although has been one where & when needed for me. Also for his mother from the age of 14 but she died before his 16th birthday. So I think with that in mind he is a vulnerable minor.

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