‘Hacktivist’ attacks continue: another breach, ‘more to come’

Kevin Rawlinson

103009085 300x157 Hacktivist attacks continue: another breach, more to comePersonal details, including the phone numbers and addresses of more than 1,300 web users, have been released online by a so-called “hacktivist” who also threatened further leaks which could affect as many as 57,000 more people.

In the latest of a series of similar personal security breaches, the hacker made public usernames, phone numbers, billing and email addresses of the members of a website which “allows users to download their program, to ’secure’ personal data onto their servers”. [sic] The mysterious hacker criticised the site’s security, saying it had been breached using a “simple tool”. However, the online activist refused to say which site he had attacked, saying: “I will not share this as information more valuable is available. I don’t want this info available to the public.”

On its Twitter account, KrioXis, the group which carried out the attack, said it would not be using passwords from the database – which were not included in the public leak – and added that it had contacted the website to warn it of its apparent vulnerability to attack.

The group also warned of further attacks to come. In a statement published with the leak, the group wrote that it would soon release a “23k list of emails & passwords…23k list of emails, passwords, names, address’, postcodes, phone numbers + more,” as well as a “11k list of logins for a fanbase website. Inc emails and passwords”. [sic]

The group denied any links to other high profile hackers Anonymous and Lulz Security, the latter of which issued a denial that it had been involved in an alleged plot to leak data from the UK government’s 2011 Census on Tuesday afternoon.

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