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Larry Ryan

Untitled 153 300x173 Memory Tapes: Spotify playlistThe ambient and electro-pop producer Dayve Hawke, better known as Memory Tapes, came to prominence during the burst of so-called Chillwave music a few years back. He’s still going strong and in July releases his new album Player Piano. First single “Wait in the Dark” has been available since May, while you can see the Chris Cunningham-like video for another track, “Yes I Know” at Memory Tapes has also put together a short playlist of songs for The Independent – it finds him casting his eyes back towards the 60s and 70s.

Click here to find it on Spotify (registration required).

Below are some words from the man himself on why he chose what chose.

1. The Teddybears – “To Know Him Is To Love Him”

I always picture a young girl in a graveyard singing this one. The way
the notes stretch out in the bridge, it sounds like the end of the.

2. Gram Parsons – “1000 Dollar Wedding”

Gram Parsons, for me, is the king of the searching melody.

3. Roxy Music – “Prairie Rose”

I love the way this song gets too busy and then clears out for the
vocal line. They knew it was classic and wanted to set you up.

4.Rolling Stones – “I Am Waiting”

A lot of these early, sort of folky Stones songs do this trick of an
almost baroque verse that drops into a more modern/angry chorus. This
one does it the best.

5. Leonard Cohen – “Last Year’s Man”

Leonard Cohen is a master of saving his best lines for the resolution
of the melody. It gives his songs the feel of a really effective delivers those punchlines.

6. Funkadelic – “Cosmic Slop”

Probably one of the prettiest melodies of any Funkadelic song. I love
the interplay of the mother begging forgiveness and the devil offering
the dance. The song is on the devil’s side.

7. Iggy Pop – “Neighborhood Threat

Just a perfect rock song. He spends the verses stalking around with
attitude and the drops some romanticism in the chorus.

8. Thomas Wayne – “Tragedy”

Very classic, beautiful melody. People definitely don’t write songs
like this anymore.

9. The Cookies – “I Never Dreamed”

A perfect song. The sentiment and delivery are so modest but there is
something special underneath. This song kills me.

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