Caught & Social: Stars out in force for Beyoncé

Untitled 1341 Caught & Social: Stars out in force for BeyoncéBeyoncé’s concert on Monday night at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire was the hottest ticket in town (literally, there wasn’t much air conditioning). Having brought her set, lights, band and dancers from her Glastonbury show, the singer launched her new album 4 at the Belvedere Beyoncé 4 party. A star-packed crowd meant that watching the VIP balcony was almost as much fun as watching the gig. Up there, Beyoncé’s other half Jay-Z snuggled up to family friend Gwyneth Paltrow for the second time in two nights. A little further down the row Adele and Jessie J eyed each suspiciously as they arrived, but left friends. Adele, however, didn’t appear to be giving her voice the rest it is said to need, by drinking red wine and singing along to the concert all night.

Scene & heard

In case you had forgotten what a lovely, caring show X-Factor is, here’s this tale from host Dermot O’Leary, about new judge Gary Barlow. “We had a situation,”he told Absolute Radio. “A woman came on… She finished singing and she wasn’t even that bad and Gary says ‘I’ve just got one question to ask.. Have you always been a woman?’”

It’s not just aspiring pop stars having a hard time. Morrissey has complained he can’t get a record deal. “There’s not much I can do about it. Once it becomes public you aren’t signed, you assume anyone who wants you will come and get you,”he tells, hopefully.

Untitled 178 191x300 Caught & Social: Stars out in force for BeyoncéThe ever, er, controversial Pete Townshend’s forthcoming autobiography might struggle for readers if his old bandmate Roger Daltrey is anything to go by. “I’m not particularly looking forward to it,” Daltrey tells Rolling Stone. “When I look back to some of his interviews, he’s said some weird things. I wonder, who’s writing this book?”

Hanks is wheely method acting

Most Hollywood actors choose to arrive at their premieres in vehicular luxury. Not Tom Hanks, who rode into the LA premiere of Larry Crowne on a simple scooter, emulating his film character who is forced to sell his car when he is made redundant. The actor chose to ride a couple of laps of the cinema and then along the red carpet shouting: “Look out, baby!”He seemed unfazed by any potential risk, saying: “As long as the cops don’t slap the cuffs on me I’ll be OK.”

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