Playing Catch-Up with the Banned List

John Rentoul

plate 194x300 Playing Catch Up with the Banned List

The next 10. Thank you to all contributors.

171. Step up to the plate. This may be worth a ban of its own, although it is covered by the blanket ban on American sporting metaphors. It’s baseball (right). Thanks to Chris Bolger.

172. Get-go. Alastair Bennett.

173. Marketise. Daniel Knowles.

174. “Scotland the Brave”, in anything to do with that strange country north of Carlisle. @caoimhghin77Callum May added: “I worked for a news editor (in radio) who sensibly banned bagpipes in every context from Scottish stories.”

175. Soubriquet, n. a nickname. Etymology: 17c: French, meaning “a chuck under the chin”. I didn’t know that. It’s still going on the Banned List.

176. “I know where you are coming from,” Victoria Derbyshire to a caller on BBC Radio 5 Live the other day.

177. “A very British …” Any variant on the title of Chris Mullin’s novel. Saul Minaee.

178. Last time I looked.

179. “I am a very spiritual person.” Martin Figura, via Eleanor Moss.

180. Playing catch-up. Philip Smith.

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  • Ciaran Rehill

    Rentoul is a Scots (lowland) surname. Run rig mor nan gael. Oh and a side order of “FREEDOM” (copyright Braveheart) and “Saor Alba” (copyright Broxted of Glenstansted).

  • porkfright

    Banned List again? Surely not. I keep getting this strange feeling of Deja-Vu.

  • Kieran Kunhya

    Is that a candidate for the Banned List?

  • Ciaran Rehill

    Is Kieran Kunhya “Ciaran Cocktrumpet” recently banned by PCC?

  • johncaradoc

    Shouldn’t we have a banned list category for Greek metaphors?   We Athenians are getting tired of them - all those Trojan horses/beware of Greeks bearing gifts, Greek tragedy, it’s all Greek to me.   And any story about Greece illustrated with a file photo of the Acropolis at night.   Plus a special mention for anyone showing off their classical education by dragging poor old Socrates and Plato into a discussion of Greece’s economic crisis (yes, we mean you, Boris).   If the bailout had been set at one billion per metpahor, we’d be in the clear by now…… 

  • porkfright

    Probably will be when Rentoul realises it’s another Monty Python reference.

  • Western Independent

    Please consider ‘not a good look’ applied to a policy, or anything other than apparel, for the List.

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