Online House Hunter: Tightening commuter belts

Alan Cleaver
oram 300x224 Online House Hunter: Tightening commuter belts

A four-bedroom home for sale in Oram's Arbour, Winchester

YOU can see our old house from here – I opened today’s Home & Design section of The Independent and pointed to the wife the delightful picture of Winchester from St Giles Hill.

We left Winchester in 2006 – just before it was declared the best place to live in the UK. I don’t think the two events were related! The picture of this ancient city graces a feature by Ruth Bloomfield looking at the average cost of houses in London commuter towns. Winchester is just 58 minutes from London and the average price is £380,361. A useful graphic reveals, however, that Fleet is just 44 minutes from London but the average price is only £312,883.

I remember on moving to Winchester in 1997 being told that “Those who live in Winchester can’t afford to work here, and those who work in Winchester can’t afford to live here”. It was a sweeping statement but with an element of truth in it. It’s a beautiful cathedral city within easy reach of London so house prices are higher than the UK average (currently £232,628).

But even in Winchester there are large price differences. A four-bedroom house in the delightful Oram’s Arbour area will cost £675,000 but it’s just a five minute walk to the station. However, a four-bedroom house at Fulflood is equally close to the station and is only £495,000.

If you are prepared to move a bit further from the centre of Winchester you’ll find a four-bedroom house on the popular Badger Farm estate for sale for £395,000. Winnall is also within easy walking distance of the station and a three-bedroom home on Winnall is on the market for £185,000. It’s also close to Winnall Moor nature reserve and the water meadows at Winchester.

Whether you decide on Winchester or one of the other commuter hotspots mentioned by Ruth Bloomfield, you’ll need to work out your commute and the cost of your commute. I’ve put together some links below that will hopefully help.


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