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Alan Cleaver
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This three-bedroom house is for sale on Ryde, Isle of Wight

THE chance to buy an island – knocked down in price from £1.25m to £95,000 seems very tempting. Sully Island in the Bristol Channel has it all: a Viking hill fort, a shipwreck, plenty of wildlife. Only the lack of a house or planning permission to build one might deter those seeking their own Treasure Island.

Living on an island has a romantic appeal (and yes before you all start posting below – I know Great Britain is an island!). There’s something about ‘escaping’ and being cut off from everyone else that just brings those stress levels crashing down. However, you also need a job and that means being able to rush back to the maelstrom of city life by 9am Monday morning.

It surprises many people that the Isle of Wight is just two miles from London. The Portsmouth to Ryde ferry is only 22 minutes; Portsmouth to Fishbourne is 40 minutes. Hovertravel offers a passenger trip back to the mainland in just 10 minutes. Southampton and Portsmouth are the two cities just over the water.

According to the Land Registry, the average price of a house on the Isle of Wight (for may 2011) is £151,034 – a drop from the May 2008 peak of £173,109 but up dramatically from £84,731 in May 2001. The average price for a detached house is £254,447 while a flat’s average price comes in at just under £99,000.


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  • Gastroplod

    “…the Isle of Wight is just two miles from London.”  WHAT???!!!

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