A look at the new ‘Doctor Who’ trailer

Neela Debnath

DW trailer nazi1 300x166 A look at the new ‘Doctor Who’ trailerIt has barely been two months since audiences were left on a tantalising cliff hanger but now the trailer for the second half of series 6/32 of ‘Doctor Who’ has been posted on the ‘Doctor Who’ website.

When the Doctor and his friends left our screens River had revealed herself to be Amy’s child. The Doctor had whizzed off in the TARDIS to save baby Melody. And Rory, Amy and River were seemingly left stranded. So what have episodes 8-13 got in store for viewers?

The trailer starts with the Doctor racing through the corridors of what appears to be a hotel from Toby Whithouse’s episode ‘The God Complex’ which could be the highlight episode of this series. This is then followed by several shots, in one of which the Doctor is in tops and tails twirling around a room with a Nazi flag behind him from ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. The title seems all the more ironic when later on in the trailer the Fuhrer says that Amy, Rory and the Doctor have saved his life.

The first words that are uttered by the Doctor are: “My time is running out.” It is a signal to the audience that an explanation for the Doctor’s death will be given and that the moment when he will meet the impossible astronaut and be shot is imminent. Towards the end of the trailer the Doctor sees his own death on a screen, possibly in the TARDIS, which will happen on 22/04/2011 at 5.02pm in Lake Silencio, Utah. Hopefully, in this half of the series, the gaps will be filled in so that the audience is left less bemused.

There is the return of the some familiar faces such as Winston Churchill and James Corden’s character Craig Owens from ‘The Lodger’. At one point the Doctor and Craig are in an intimate embrace and talking of kissing, could this be a throwback to the Russell T. Davies era of onmisexual characters? Probably not but it appears to be a moment of comedic value in an otherwise tense situation.

Also, there is a flash of eye patch lady Kovarian but more worryingly of River with an eye patch similar to Kovarian’s own. Is River in league with Kovarian? Is this part of River’s double-dealing history? We will soon know all.

The Silence are making a comeback as well, clearly not all of them were killed off through subliminal messaging.  To add to the fear factor, possibly the scariest monsters of all are back: the Weeping Angels. It just would not be a ‘Doctor Who’ series without them now, and just like the Daleks they have become a favourite nemesis who thrill and terrify in equal measure. Perhaps one day the Weeping Angels will be retired for a year due to being defeated one too many times.

As the trailer nears the end, there is a montage with images thrown at the viewers in quick succession, with shots including Rory punching Hitler, an aged Amy becoming what looks like a futuristic warrior wearing white armour, teleportation, Cybermen getting their heads blown off, and moving ventriloquist dolls, among other things. The second half of this series looks set to be better than the first half.

However, it is still somewhat of a wait until the Doctor is back. For those wanting even more ‘Doctor Who’, there is a teaser trailer for Toby Whithouse’s ‘The God Complex’, ‘The Shining’-esque episode in the hotel with the retro sixties/seventies decor and a minotaur.

‘Doctor Who’ will return in the autumn with the episode ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’.

Picture and trailer: BBC

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  • bobbellinhell

    It’s truly depressing to see this spiteful soap operatic parody being put out under the Doctor Who label. 

  • Paul

    Don’t watch it, then. Stick to DVDs of Bonnie Langford.

  • David

    Heh, true, these old antiquated “fans” are a laugh riot. The old Doctor Who was EMBARRASING.

  • B. M. Hoang

    Not all “old” Doctor Who, surely. Sure, some of it were embarrasing, but so were some of the revived Doctor Who. In my opinion, some classic episodes like “Genesis of the Daleks” and “Caves of the Androzani” remain some of Doctor Who’s best. 

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