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An Energy Performance Certificate

DAVID Spittles reports in today’s Independent on the growing demand for eco-friendly homes which is a good excuse to flag up some of the websites that can help you stay green when buying a new home or make your current home greener – perhaps ahead of a sale in these energy-conscious times.

It’s the continuing rise in gas and electricity prices that has brought energy efficiency to the top of most house-hunters’ checklists.

David Spittles’ article talks about the Code for Sustainable Homes – a voluntary code which covers Energy/CO2, water, materials, waste, pollution, ecology and a number of other factors. You can find a copy of the Code on the Communities and Local Government website along with other data on sustainability.  The website includes a guide to Energy Performance Certificates. Energy Performance Certificates are those at-a-glance illustrations of how efficient your home or potential home is, and what it could be. The DirectGov website tells you more about these. It’s the report that comes with it which should help you decide on what improvements you need to make and how much money that might save you. There are also guides for landlords and tenants on EPCs.

More tips on how to save energy – and how to generate it through solar power and other technologies – can be found on DirectGov. But it’s the Energy Saving Trust website you’ll want to bookmark for a comprehensive look at energy saving in the home.

The Grand British Refurb website has videos introducing you to your home and energy saving as well as articles on the subject. It’s backed by the UK Green Building Council.


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