Online House Hunter: Hotspots – and cold ones

Alan Cleaver
london heatmap 300x223 Online House Hunter: Hotspots   and cold ones

Hotting up: The Zoopla heatmap of London

A NEW way of viewing the UK property market has been launched by Zoopla which gives a ‘heatmap’ of house values throughout the country. It will no doubt experience a rush of hits as people take a look at whether their house is in a hot zone or a more decidedly cool one.

Maps have been used in a variety of imaginative ways to help those looking to sell or buy property but this latest one from Zoopla offers an easy, at-a-glance overview. It shows the average current value of homes – colour coded by area from High to Low. And while it may not come as a surprise to many to see London and the south-east in the red-coloured high zone, there are some interesting revelations as you zoom in.

The average values of specific towns are given on the map and show quite a difference within just a few miles. Warwick, for example, with its proximity to the M40 (linking to Birmingham and London) has an average value of £253,000. But travel just a few miles north to Coventry and the average price drops to £147,000. Even Rugby which nestles in the corner of the M1 and M6 (and is an hour by train to London) only manages an average of £173,000.

Such maps can give a quick overview of an area but are more fun than of practical help in deciding on the right price for your home. For that you’ll need to work a bit harder. But Zoopla have also added a variety of market overview data for specific areas. Hence Chipping Norton (I wonder why I chose that example!) shows average house by property type, change in value over the years, current asking prices and rents plus other data.

The Independent property search also has homes for sale plotted on a map enabling you to find property close to major roads (or in a quieter part of the county) and compare prices within neighbouring towns quickly and easily. You can filter your searches by price and save your favourite searches.

Below are listed some other property-related maps for the cartographic house hunters out there.


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  • Michael Ernest Corby

    The difference between Coventry and Warwick is no surprise and was there way before the motor-ways opened.

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