Jody McIntyre

Following his recent tweets and statements on the London riots, The Independent will no longer be taking blogs from Jody McIntyre.

  • Plutonian

    Excellent news – about time. If I wanted juvenile politics from a professional Trot agitator, I’d buy the Socialist Worker

  • tomkyle

    Ahaha, says it all really. You are one of his biggest fans- the Indie could lose your patronage? Couldn’t really work out better for all of us. Irrationality and hate-peddling is ugly from whatever quarter. Get over yourself.

  • alanpaul1

    on the contrary it is Independent of a writer who cannot tell fact from fiction and propagated some really awful comments—-just look at the tweets re Tottenham riots as evidence of same. The Independent is right not to accept his blogs.

  • Sres

    Having been a long time follower of Jody McIntyre’s activities, I am quite pleased to see that one of his platforms to peddle his hatred and bigotry has been taken away from him.

  • ArthurWatt

    Not before time, I am amazed that this juvenile trot was ever allowed a platform here in the first place. I suppose he does have a mental age on par with the juvenile thieving hordes currently stripping and burning city centres. 




    Jody’s commentary on the riots was spot on. Read ‘from Brixton to Tottenham’ and ‘Brixton Q&A with Jody’. Jody is sensible, politically, and scoially aware, and it shows in those 2 pieces. The Indy made a major mistake in letting him go. You can tell they are corporate stooges like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and will not allow the voice of the youth be heard, even if it’s truth. He brings clarity and understanding where the rest of the media bring distortion and inaccuracy.

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