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One of the Lion Houses on the Peterborough estate

THE joy – or challenge – of putting a property spotlight together is summing up an area in just a few hundred words. How, for instance, would you sum up Fulham?

That font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, begins with a factual geographical description including the not-very-helpful line that it is “a green London area within very close reach of many places”. But it can’t resist adding a touch of colour: “Fulham during the 18th century had a reputation of debauchery, becoming a sort of ‘Las Vegas retreat’ for the wealthy of London”.

But perhaps my favourite description comes which simply says: “Chelsea is posh. Fulham is nice, but still affordable.” Affordable is a dangerously woolly word however so if it’s more helpful, the Zoopla website puts the average house price at £695,430.

If there’s anything close to universal agreement on anything about Fulham it’s the desirable nature of the Peterborough estate with its famous Lion Houses (so called because of the ornate lion on top of each roof). At just over £3m, the seven-bedroom Lion House pictured certainly comes in at the top end of that ‘average’ house price. The good news for those who must have one of these must-have properties is that there are currently a number for sale on the Independent online property search for Fulham.

And the good news for those on a lesser budget is that Fulham has a good choice of period properties that have been converted into more, affordable, flats. Those looking for a modest two-bedroom or three-bedroom flat for sale in this part of London should find a good range to choose from.

You are never far away from a tube or bus stop in Fulham but if you want to search for home in a particular spot you’ll find the map search on the Independent property search particularly helpful. Riverside flats or those with a view of the river are popular of course and again the map search comes in useful. This one-bedroom flat for sale in Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham for £1,650,000 has views across the river and, while I’m not normally one for gushing property descriptions there’s little doubting that this is as stunning as it sounds. But then that’s probably true of most of Fulham.

Your council is Hammersmith and Fulham and the council tax rates are below.  Also below are a number of links to find what you need alongside your house.


A – £747.74
B – £872.35
C – £996.98
D – £1,121,60
E - £1,370.85
F – £1,620,09
G - £1,869,34
H – £2,243.20


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