Rugby League: Castleford got what they deserved over Rangi Chase

Dave Hadfield
chase 253x300 Rugby League: Castleford got what they deserved over Rangi Chase

Rangi Chase had never left the country despite what Castleford had said

I was sorry for Castleford on Sunday, apart from one small detail.

They put their heart and soul into their Cup semi-final against Leeds and it would have been no injustice if they had won.

They got what they deserved for the Rangi Chase nonsense, though. Cas pretended that their key player was in Australia for a court case and may or may not be back for the game.

In fact, as began to leak out on various Tweets etc, Chase had never left the country.

Castleford had decided to play silly beggars over their team. They are not the first club to do so and will not be the last, but I struggle to remember an incident of cloak-and-dagger deception that has fooled the opposition and helped to win a match.

Even Terry Matterson had to admit that this was another instance of it not paying off.

“It worked, because it was Friday before Leeds knew he was playing,” he said. “Well, it didn’t because we lost.”

In fact, Leeds had always been preparing to face Chase; the only thing that might have confused them was if he had not been there.

Co-incidentally – or perhaps not – Chase looked as jet-lagged as it is possible to be without leaving West Yorkshire in the first half. His first 40 minutes was just about his most ordinary of the season.

The second half was a different story, of course, but it was a good job that he did score that brilliant try after not passing when he should. Had he passed to Nick Youngquest, by the way, would the try have been under the sticks? And comfortably converted by Kirk Dixon? I reckon it would.

Rangi still could have won it with a late drop-goal. If he had done, it would not have been because Cas had been so mighty clever, but because he’s a gifted player.

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  • rontiger

    Perhaps they were responding to the dreadfully lazy journalists who take uninformed gossip from forums and print it as fact. If I were in their shoes I would be heartily sick of it, especially when it can be disruptive to team spirit.A case of the biter(s) bit, perhaps.

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