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John Rentoul

tamahori 278x300 The Catch Up Catches UpWe have not had an update on Blair rage among luvviedom recently, but Lee Tamahori (right) provided a prize exhibit in The Independent on Sunday 7 August. He has made a film about the monstrousness of Uday, son of Saddam Hussein. But does he want this to be misunderstood as suggesting an ounce of justification for the invasion of Iraq? Hollywood, no. Blair lied. Tamahori was just doing fiction as entertainment. Early contender for non sequitur of the month.

Daily Mail reported that George Osborne was considering cutting the top rate of income tax to 45p because it would bring in 70 per cent of the 50p rate’s yield, 5 August. Believe it when we see it.

Norman Geras on the factoid about how many of the Murdoch titles worldwide supported the invasion of Iraq, 4 August.

Terrific blog on a television programme, partly about himself, that he wished he had seen but hadn’t, by Alastair Campbell, 4 August.

Ofcom Communications Market Report (pdf), 4 August. Just when I was expecting them to fall, total voice calls went up by 1.3 per cent in 2010 to 254 billion minutes, with landlines still just ahead of mobiles. (Fig 5.35, p281.)

Chris Christie, the kind of Republican who should run for president. Marbury, 4 August.

Most people recognise roughly the politicians you would expect them to. Anthony Wells, 3 August: 86 per cent identify William Hague and 21 per cent identify Yvette Cooper.

Marbury and Mark Liberman at Language Log on the origin of the Satan sandwich, 2 August.

John McTernan on Blair in Australia, 1 August. And Matthew Taylor’s thoughts thereon, 3 August.

Norman Geras on bad arguments against the death penalty, 1 August.

Right. You are up to date. Now, is anything else going on?


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  • ineluctable2u

    Ah, he was trying to provide a more nuanced and less superficial assessment of the street ‘parties’ of yore… Erm, wonder why there is such a clampdown on this. Do they think the threads of the Indy are going to replicate the revolutionary fervor and activity of Facebook? Oh dear, delusions of grandeur. Either pathetic or frighteningly dangerous at times. Blair is an example of the latter and the darling little Indy of the former.

  • TarquinBroxted

    I don’t know if it the “Estado Novo” of Blackhurst or of Lebedev (pere et fils). 

  • hunfred

    They are probably writing a book about the excitement and have some of the excited collaborating.Don’t want any spoilsports involved.

  • TarquinBroxted

    Good thing about the riot/uprising is that it kept Julie Burchill off The Indy! EDIT POINT. Of course, were we not gentlemen we could “verbal up” Chewlie by ringing plod and saying “Ya know that looter? Female? Yes…she lives at…”

  • hunfred

    Could we hope for a permanent holiday,or can this comment be classed as incitement,and I might be charged with public disorder?

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