Is Barack Obama now the most unpopular US president since Jimmy Carter?

John Rentoul

obama 300x198 Is Barack Obama now the most unpopular US president since Jimmy Carter?Wonderful self-denying Question to Which the Answer is No, number 693 in the series, asked by Nile Gardiner at the Telegraph.

Barack Obama’s latest approval rating recorded by Gallup is 39 per cent. As Gardiner reports, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton had both been below this level at this stage of their presidencies, at 35 and 37 per cent respectively.

Which caused the Committee to pause over its decision as to whether to admit this question to the list, which does not normally include questions answered in the negative by their authors. However, the official criterion for inclusion is that, in asking the question, the author or publisher implies that the answer is Yes, which Gardiner does, before himself going on to show that it is not.

His reasoning is that, by this stage of their presidencies, Reagan and Clinton had recovered to above 39 per cent.

Perhaps what he meant to ask was: Is Barack Obama the most unpopular US president that we have at the moment?

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  • starfallgmail

    Um.. it’s not like he didn’t try.. he didn’t have the political backing to push through all the legislation he wanted. Case in point – public option. There was such a concerted effort by the vested interests against that – if that was put to a vote, it would of lost and sunk the health care bill.

  • TarquinBroxted

    We have no proof of his death, maybe he is in “Area 51″?

  • KlingonOffTheStarboardBow

    You left out the coming war by Muslim Shia led by Iran against the hated Sunnis, led by Saudi Arabia. This will lead to the quadrupling of oil prices, economic meltdown and teh mushrooming of fascist states of left or right – as well as humungous migration, mass starvation and general chaos.

    And of course the European Civil War when some state or other tries to secede from Brussels …..

    We might end up feeling lucky we are an island with nuclear weapons. Mind you, we’d have to learn to grow food and make things  once more if we wanted to continue eating and buying our gadgets.

    The thing is, if you look at the history of Homo Sapiens, war is an absolutely fundamental part of it. Will this continue even though now we are so much more sophisticated? I wish I could be more optimistic.

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