Caught & Social: No tweenage rampage in Magaluf

Untitled 156 Caught & Social: No tweenage rampage in MagalufTo the premiere of The Inbetweeners, the big screen adaptation of the Channel 4 comedy. The film sees the four teens fly off on a post-A-level lads’ holiday. The cast claimed that, despite flying to Magaluf, they didn’t indulge in all that the nightlife had to offer. “We were a lot calmer,”said Blake Harrison, who plays Neil. “We just sat around with a glass of red wine, eating tapas and having lively political debates.” Director Ben Palmer, however, said the opposite was true of the on-screen experience. “Humiliating the cast has been a feature of the TV series,” he said. “If you like male nudity, then this is the film for you.”

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“Why do you want to marry that f*****g Tory Boy?”was Dominic West’s reaction to Samantha Cameron, when she said she was to marry David, our future PM. But the actor, pictured, seems to have changed his opinion of the PM, a fellow Old Etonian. “I’ve met him a few times, and he was very impressive, actually,” he tells New York magazine. “We’d always tease him about being Conservative and he was always very tolerant and thoughtfully argued with us, so I liked him quite a lot.” David Hasselhoff, meanwhile, is expressing his admiration for rapper Tinie Tempah. “I’d love to do a record with Tinie,”the “Jump in My Car”singer told the Daily Record. “It would be ideal to do some fun dance record. I’d like to do a little sampling of the Baywatch and Knight Rider themes and get Tinie to do something on it.” Generously, the Hoff sees it as a joint effort: “I’d sing on it and let him rap on it and I think it could be a hit.”No doubt. Other than respect and credibility, what has Tinie possibly got to lose?

Untitled 215 Caught & Social: No tweenage rampage in Magaluf

Jolie-Pitts’ toy train experience

Rumours swirled yesterday that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had chartered an entire train to go to Glasgow. We called Virgin Trains to check it was true, only for a spokeswoman to tells us that a train had been chartered, but it was for the entire crew of Pitt’s new film World War Z. Still, one thing that is true is that the evening before, Jolie took two of the brood to their new favourite shop, The Toy Station in Richmond. Owner Karen Clark said: “They purchased items to amuse for a trip. They were pirate stickers, art sets, and Ben10 toys, to name but a few.”

Dr Who girl in the buff

Karen Gillan sports a nude dress at the BFI in London for the premiere of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who. The episode is called, unlikely though it may sound, “Let’s Kill Hitler”and features the Doctor (played by Matt Smith) meeting the German leader in 1930s Berlin.

Untitled 39 300x247 Caught & Social: No tweenage rampage in MagalufPixie throws in her Lott for awards do

Pixie Lott visited the Radio 1 studios yesterday to launch the station’s Teen Awards, which take place in October. She met up with the station’s rising star, Greg James. Lott will perform at the awards, and is also on the the event’s judging panel, which will choose three heroic teenagers.


“I don’t flip them off, but I do experience road rage. And I find words that I didn’t even know I knew” Actress Betty White, 89, says that age hasn’t mellowed her as a driver

“If George [Lucas] is able to come up with an idea that both Steven [Spielberg] and I think is going to work… I’d love to play the character again” Harrison Ford tells Absolute Radio he would consider another run at Indiana Jones

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  • ComplyAnt

    Of the six new areas in World of Warcraft, the Indiana Jones inspired Ulduum quest-line is my favourite (just started it again on a third character). Perhaps there could be some cross-pollination back? The woods of Hyjal/Astranaar remind me of Childhood walks through Cornish woodlands, and castles, and anyone who has met the lifeboatmen in Fowey will know there is a rich vein of humour, and wartime stories just waiting to be tapped…

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